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Published:June 5th, 2014 10:33 EST

Celebration in Bowe Bergdahl`s Hometown Canceled! No Victory Parade for Deserter/Defector/Collaborator

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl`s small Idaho hometown, distressed by the vitriol aimed at its polarizing native son, is rolling up its red carpet.


Officials in Hailey " after receiving about 100 hate-spewing emails and phone calls per day this week " canceled a June 28 welcome-home bash for Bergdahl after his five years of captivity in Afghanistan."

New York Daily News

With less than three years left in the execrable Obama administration, I didn`t think the president could possibly top the epic fail of Obamacare, but it`s now clear that the Bowe Bergdahl scandal will go down in history as his greatest failure.

Americans are apoplectic over the Bergdahl-for-Taliban terrorists swap, and at no time during the Obama regime have I heard more calls for his resignation from elected officials and regular folks.

God damn the citizens of Hailey for having the unmitigated gall of organizing a celebration over the release of a deserter/defector/collaborator.

Thank goodness they came to their senses and cancelled the abomination, had it proceeded as planned it would have been a magnet for righteous anger.

It`s a military brig that should be planning a celebration/homecoming for Bergdahl; he should be persona non grata in the entire United States of America.

It may be an exercise in futility, but the Senate should at least make a good faith effort to impeach Barack Hussein Obama.  

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