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Published:June 13th, 2014 11:58 EST
A Warm-Up Review of The Black Angels` 'Clear Lake Forest' 10 Inch; Solid Psychedelic Garage Rock!

A Warm-Up Review of The Black Angels` 'Clear Lake Forest' 10 Inch; Solid Psychedelic Garage Rock!

By John G. Kays

The Black Angels are my favorite band in Austin; the reason why this is so is simple: much of my music exists in a similar school, Psychedelic Garage Rock, with a lemon twist of Punk/New Wave, thrown in for good measure. I`m probably quite a bit older than the musicians in The Black Angels, so the overlap is most likely only partial or segmented. I suppose this would hold true for Mozart vs The Sex Pistols also, if you were able to, somehow, create overlapping transparencies featuring Vin Diagrams, appropriate for a 1970s high school Overhead Projector. But that`s absurd, and so my point is a mute one; I would, however, like to get a gander at their record collection sometime!

I`ve never seen this band live, and I only own three of their records, Phosphene Dream, Indigo Meadow (which I`ve misplaced for now), and their new one, the 10 inch clear vinyl, extended EP, Clear Lake Forest, which I just picked up after rolling up a bunch of pennies up (I`m lying), since I couldn`t wait to hear it. I was a little disappointed with Indigo Meadow, but think Clear Lake Forest makes up for lost ground, with a grab-bag of diversified songs, returning to the template, I believe, they established on Phosphene Dream; by the way, PD is a total masterpiece! It almost made my list of the 25 Top Psychedelic Records of all time; the only reason for eliminating it, is the records had to come from the LATE 1960s (it`s not too hard to imagine Phosphene was created back then).

This is not the actual review for Clear Lake Forest (Blue Horizon) ; it`s rather just a warm-up. It`s demo, Friendo! Still acclimating myself to the songs: Sunday Evening, Tired Eyes, Diamond Eyes, The Flop, An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street, The Executioner, and Linda`s Gone. I`m having trouble getting past the really cool packaging, with a totally GROOVY OP ART COVER, and an Op Art label on clear vinyl that comes on strong! It`s still very early, but I haven`t notice any filler on here, so far. I`m cool with all the songs, but I`m moving in the direction of favoring Linda`s Gone, its trilling single note guitar plucks, which I believe is inspired by The Velvet Underground`s Banana Record (not plagiarism, I thought you might like to know). The extent to which I`m becoming a serious fan of The Black Angels, grows a bit more as another day passes (if you get my drift).