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Published:June 18th, 2014 11:41 EST
Circumstances in Dayton, Ohio of a Mummified Hung Man, Edward Brunton, Inconceivable!

Circumstances in Dayton, Ohio of a Mummified Hung Man, Edward Brunton, Inconceivable!

By John G. Kays

Picture this: (Scene: Dayton, Ohio) A curious 12-year-old boy sneaks into a small, vastly overgrown (with verdure), abandoned wood frame-house, on a peaceful and lazy, early summer Sunday afternoon (June 15th, 2014), not with any kind of mischief in mind, but rather as a result of overwhelming, obsessive curiosity. 

Neighbors were unable to recall any activity, any life (you might say), associated with the chameleon-like domicile for a great many years. And the boy`s curiosity is much more understandable when you realize what he discovered, once he explored the spooky ghost house, he found a mummified, hung cadaver dangling in the closet (petrified in space and in time for five full years)! It was the body of the owner, one Edward Brunton, apparently something of a Nowhere Man.

The storyline promulgated by the news is thin and skeletal, yet sufficiently allows us to render a viable opinion (or speculate, anyway), as to how or why this (most paranormal in nature) situation turned out just the way it did. A few loose ends are nonetheless bothering me; how could Edward Brunton be that alone?

How could this 40 something individual (or was he 53?) be that alienated from his family, that they never checked up on him, in as much as five years? Well, his brother lived in the same town, so what`s his excuse? Are there any other family members, besides his brother, who are still alive? What about friends, if poor Edward ever had any? And what about his jobs or work, if he ever had one?

Obviously, reporters working in Dayton, Ohio will have to do some digging, in order to find some more substantial biographical data on the five-year-deceased suicide victim, Mister Edward Brunton. 

This made me think, since he was homeless for much of his life (we`ll need to know how long he was homeless, and furthermore why it was so), if reporters are hungry enough in pursuit of his life story, they`ll probably have to penetrate the cobwebbed-veil of a fluctuating street scene, where the credibility of information is often a phantom in the night! 

One sticky item troubles me most of all; it seems as if Edward`s luck turned positive when he bought this house in 2009 (likely from money he inherited after his mother died, although this hasn`t been clarified yet). So the question dangles dangerously, why`d he hang himself in 2009?

And why did he do it (commit suicide) with his own belt in the closet? Had he really moved in yet? Maybe Edward didn`t own anything; he probably was possession-less since he`d been homeless. The one photo of him circulating the internet has been haunting me; why does his story end this way? 

What are the major milestones or events in his (no doubt) tumultuous life that made it impossible for him to break out of persistent despair and hardy hopelessness, that, at times, boxes us all into a dank, dark corner?  And what about this shaky neighborhood alienation we`re starting to hear frail whispers of? 

The boy who stumbled upon this nightmare scene`s mother, Michelle McGrath mentioned her boy will be traumatized for years to come; she also wondered why the neighbors never thought to go and check on the occupant of this insanely vacant house!

Neighbors must have been spooked out of their minds by a grinding, empty silence and occasional creepy, suspicious smells, wafting through their block, but maybe they thought it best to mind their own business. Still, five years of keeping to yourself, minding your own business? You remain mute, secure in your own cocoon, thinking it`s somebody else`s problem? And what about the city? Why didn`t a Dayton taxman pay the blue, silent domicile a visit? 

They could`ve busted in several years ago! Instead, they just mowed the lawn and trimmed the bushes, then they took off. The city is just as negligent as the neighbors are; and now we know, there`s not just mummies (existing) in Egypt, they (exist) in Dayton, Ohio as well! 

This is not intended to be a humorous or callous ending; it`s rather only the beginning to an untold story, of a mostly anonymous man, living in a mostly anonymous community. It`ll be tough to put these pieces together, but it`s doable!