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Published:June 20th, 2014 10:26 EST
In the Homicide of an Unidentified North Austin Woman, Why Was a Man Arrested, Then Let Go?

In the Homicide of an Unidentified North Austin Woman, Why Was a Man Arrested, Then Let Go?

By John G. Kays

Why were Austin Police making a welfare check on a North Austin woman Thursday morning? It turns out now (we`ve now learned), once APD went to the yet unidentified woman`s house (12800 block of Staton Drive - between W. Parmer Ln. and W. Howard Ln., just west of Metric Blvd.), they found her dead, and they`re confident in ruling it a homicide.

A spokesperson for APD, senior officer, Virginia Higginbotham, couldn`t reveal very much about the nature of the homicide, other than to say it was one, and to say her two children, who were probably at the house when APD investigated (and probably were home when she was killed), have been taken to a safe place (My Fox Austin).

You could put in a thimble what I`ve been able to learn about this undefined homicide; well, it`s still very early in the investigation and APD needs to try to solve the case before all the specifics are leaked out by a persistent local press. Is it that the apprehension of the suspect is somehow dependent on the public not knowing the particulars?

I can not say. True, I conjecture, but it may be less than 48 hours since whoever killed her did so; it may even be less than 36 hours since she died. As such we need to allow APD some more time to do their job and put a lid on this situation.

But still, the way it`s playing out so far seems strange to me! Who placed a call to APD to initiate a welfare check? And who is this man who was arrested at first, then let go subsequently? Why did neighbors who reported this significant development (of a man arrested) have to go off camera (from news reporters), to say they saw this happen. Where was the man when he was arrested? Was he inside the house on Staton when APD arrived? 

How were they able to clear him so quickly? How long has the woman been living there? A neighbor, Mark Michon, told reporters he would occasionally wave to the woman and her daughters and observed she seemed to be rather active. But what was she up to? Had any neighbors ever actually talked to her face to face? I`ll drive by the yellow crime-taped house today. *(sources: My Fox Austin, KXAN, and Austin American Statesman)