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Published:June 22nd, 2014 11:53 EST

In 1975 Hillary Clinton Defended a Rapist, Blamed Child Victim: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman who says she was raped by an Arkansas man in the 1970s now says Hillary Clinton " took her through hell" as the defense attorney for the man charged in the case.


In an interview with the Daily Beast website posted Friday, the woman charged that Clinton knowingly lied like a dog in attacking her credibility while representing the alleged rapist in 1975.

The woman is now 52 but was just 12 at the time of the attack."

The New York Daily News

Anyone who has followed Hillary Clinton`s career as First Lady and wife of President Bill Clinton would hardly be surprised by her reprehensible conduct as a defense lawyer. It`s one thing to defend the integrity of your client, but it`s quite another to vilify a 12-year-old rape victim.

Let`s not forget that instead of branding her husband a lecherous predator for his adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky, she attacked the young intern labeling her a " narcissistic looney tune."

Hillary Clinton has made disparaging remarks against Kathleen Willey, the White House volunteer aide who was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton during his first term as President.

Never forget that Hillary Clinton puts her political ambitions ahead of women`s rights, and everything else, for that matter.

It`s an affront to common sense and reality to celebrate Hillary as a feminist icon and role model for young girls and women. Hillary looks out only for herself, and she uses women`s issues for political expediency.

If Hillary wants to advance the cause of women in general, and lesbians in particular, she should come out of the closet, and stop lying like a dog. 

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