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Published:June 25th, 2014 14:49 EST

Snakes Invade Naperville! Sign of the End Times? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A snake invasion is making people`s skin crawl in the western suburbs. Viewer after viewer contacted CBS 2 with photos of snakes along the river walk and invading yards in Naperville.

snake`It`s unusual for them to be out and that prevalent,` said snake expert David Drake of Aquarium Adventure.   

He says that the garter snakes hibernated longer this year because of the polar vortex.

`Now they`re out feeding in larger numbers. Also the recent rains and the floods are gonna drive these animals out of their borough,` he said."


The polar vortex terrorized us this winter, and now in the heat of the summer its bitter fruit (snakes) are terrorizing the citizens of Naperville.

I`d rather face off against an army of zombies, than deal with a snake invasion. Zombies are slow-moving and easy to kill, snakes are slithery and sneaky and they can strike in a second.

The city of Naperville Animal Control issued a statement assuring citizens that the snakes pose no danger, but I wouldn`t rest easy, snakes always portend evil.

I would advise the citizens of Naperville to walk softly but carry shotguns while running errands in their snake-infested town.

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