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Published:June 25th, 2014 11:22 EST
Why Did Childish Brandon Machetto Kill His Very Own Grandmother, Sylvia Schmitt?

Why Did Childish Brandon Machetto Kill His Very Own Grandmother, Sylvia Schmitt?

By John G. Kays

In my time, I`ve covered quite a few disturbing or gruesome crime stories, because that`s my beat; as such I believe I`m fairly thick-skinned/calloused to the sight of bloody dead homicide victims, lying prone on a nasty, filthy concrete floor. Nonetheless, this new one emerging out of Lutz, Florida (just north of Tampa), where an 18-year-old, Brandon Machetto, kills his own grandmother (74-year-old Sylvia Rosalie Schmitt), then drives around town in her minivan (a gold Honda Odyssey) for several hours, toting her corpse in the back, is most repulsive and shocking to me (it`s capable of penetrating my protective veteran crime-beat armor). And what am I hearing about this Paradise Lakes community?

Okay, so it`s a nudist condominium community; alright, so clothing is optional (Tampa Bay Times). Now that`s a first for me, I`ve never heard of a nudist condominium community before; that piece of data in and of itself tweaks the story a bit more on the mesmerizing or disturbing extremities of the storyboard scale, where the fulcrum would be wholesomeness (as far as I know, these types are nonexistent). Well, I better not overcharge the bizarre or freaky characteristics of this salty saga, but I`m finding the gravity of an unknown force pushing me forth, moving me in this scary direction.

It`s just business, as Michael Corleone use to say! So why did Brandon kill his grandmother anyway? Was it since Sylvia was trying to get him to take his medication? The Tampa Bay Times is reporting the fact that Brandon had been arrested before on a domestic violence charge a few years ago (2012), when his grandmother attempted this very thing, urging him to take his medication. Apparently, Machetto was brain-damaged and childlike, with only the maturity level of a 13-year-old in the body of a six-foot-tall man. This conundrum possibly can be explained by a terrible beating by bully teenagers, sustained by Brandon several years ago. (Tampa Bay Times)

The person who knows this best is Ronnie Hall; Ronnie was Brandon`s martial arts instructor for seven years, teaching him the Krav Maga (Israel) style or form of martial arts. A further disclosure tells us this gang of teenage thugs had hit Brandon in the back of his head with a rock, which helps to explain why he is the way he is currently, not working with a full deck anymore. Hall also told the Tampa Bay Times: even when he was training in our school, he was never an aggressive-type fighter, he was always a let somebody-come-to-me type fighter.

This seems to fly in the face of  the young man murdering his own grandmother, but I can rationalize this behavioral contradiction by the fact that Hall`s observation predates Machetto pulverizing pummeling by those bullies. I don`t know too much about neurology, much less about how brain damage might be able to drastically modify one`s behavior, but I just might could manage, putting two and two together, and say this young man somehow morphed from non-violent, normal behavior over to (or into) highly violent, aberrant behavior in a wink, after the severe beating. Still, I wonder why he`s getting charged with First Degree Murder! A plea of not guilty by reason of insanity is probably in the cards, if he can hire a skilled defense attorney.