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Published:July 9th, 2014 14:10 EST

Cook finds 'God' in an Eggplant: Video! Enough Religious Tomfoolery!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Louisiana line cook claims he found `GOD` in an eggplant at an Italian restaurant in Baton Rouge.

When Jermarcus Brady was slicing veggies at Gino`s Restaurant on Monday, he cut into one particularly divine eggplant and found a slice of heaven.


The blessed vegetable was cut in such a manner that its seeds appeared to say "GOD` on the inside."


Brady interprets the sanctified eggplant as a message from God telling him that He`s real. If the Almighty could make eggplant taste delicious that would truly be a sign that He`s real.

I give it a couple of days before Brady has an epiphany and sells the holy eggplant on eBay.

Enough with this Jesus on a toast and God on an eggplant religious tomfoolery, God isn`t that desperate for publicity.

Pic of divine eggplant:

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