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Published:July 13th, 2014 10:33 EST

Dude Videotapes UFO at So Percussion Concert: Video! Far Out!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A video is surfacing on the internet in which a man claims that he saw a UFO flying overhead during a concert in Connecticut this weekend.


Bobby Crash said he spotted an unidentified flying object, which is also known as a UFO, during the So Percussion concert at The Hygienic Art Park in New London on Sunday night."


Thousands of music lovers and aficionados of controlled substances are chilling at a So Percussion concert, whose music induces listeners into a trance-like state; I bet concertgoers flooded 911 with reports of flying saucers, unicorns, and dancing fairies.

The last time I went to a concert I remember that in the bathroom Bigfoot was in the urinal next to me, and one of the Teletubbies was one the other side of me. (Didn`t know those freaky bastards were anatomically correct.)

If you are at a concert where Ecstasy is passed around like candy, and there`s a marijuana cloud hovering over the crowd, that smelly dude standing next to you isn`t a Chupacabra, so please don`t bother the 911 operator.

Just say NO to UFO tomfoolery!


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