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Published:July 20th, 2014 11:41 EST

Huge Purple UFO Scares Bejesus Out of Kid!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Big Purple Mothership was the last thing Lenny expected to see when he went out four-wheeling.


The clouds were large and full on a seasonal April day in 2012. Late in the day many of the puffy clouds took on a pinkish cast as the sun got lower in the sky.

On a farm near Greenwich, NY, eleven year old Lenny was enjoying some last minute fun on his four-wheeler. Suddenly the youth began to hear an odd humming noise. Thinking there was a problem with his single rider vehicle, he stopped to see what was wrong. But when Lenny shut off his ATV the humming continued but seemed to be above him.

`I looked up and there it was directly above me, a huge UFO was coming out of a cloud toward me.` Lenny explained." 

Syracuse NewTimes

This 11-year-old boy`s eyewitness account of a UFO appeared in the Syracuse New Times, a small town newspaper with a circulation of 46,000. I can understand small struggling newspapers using filler of UFO`s, Bigfoot and other such tomfoolery, unfortunately UFO stories also appear in the largest and most influential newspapers in the world.

It`s dusk, the sky has a pinkish cast and a small boy mistakes a purple cloud for a UFO mothership, an amusing story this kid`s dad can tell at his favorite pub, but does this story really belong in a newspaper?

Little Lenny`s eyes were as wide as saucers when he saw the malevolent UFO, and my eyes are wide as saucers seeing this type of garbage reported as news.

Just say NO to UFO tomfoolery!

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