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Published:July 21st, 2014 18:03 EST

Man, 97, Booted From Retirement Home For Playing Ukulele

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 97-year-old California man ended up at a homeless shelter after a retirement home in Napa allegedly gave him the boot because of his ukulele playing.


Jim Farrell, a Merchant Marine veteran who was born in 1917, was a resident of Redwood Retirement, but he didn`t exactly see eye-to-eye with management.

`Management continually suppressed my talents,` Farrell told KPIX 5. `Management would stop me and say these words: `Go back to your room!` Like a kid. No more.`"


Farrell was unceremoniously booted from the retirement home, and he ended up at a homeless shelter.

Nobody should be homeless, certainly not a Merchant Marine veteran. Thankfully when Farrell`s plight was reported in the local newspaper, readers responded with enough donations for the old gentlemen to move into a new retirement home.

I can`t stand anyone playing the freaking ukulele, but when you are almost a century old, you should be allowed to play the ukulele wearing only your diapers, if such is your desire.

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