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Published:July 24th, 2014 16:29 EST
Why Did Christopher Lee Move Erin Corwin`s Blue 2013 Corolla Only 100 Feet Off The Road?

Why Did Christopher Lee Move Erin Corwin`s Blue 2013 Corolla Only 100 Feet Off The Road?

By John G. Kays

This might look like Monday Morning Quarterbacking to you, but I sure do wish that Erin Corwin hadn`t of taken that footloose hunting trip with Christopher Lee (when I saw his name, my eyeballs pert near popped clean out of their sockets) on June 28th! 

The Desert Sun is loaded with incriminating facts, when put together (in their totality), poignantly points a persecuting finger at Christopher Brandon Lee as a likely suspect; (suspect of what?) well, I believe, as many others do, he probably got rid of poor Erin (it was a crime of passion, I`ll pipe in, adding it to the already huge pile of murky black mud), once he he discovered she was pregnant with his baby.

I suspect, the authorities suspect, he used a powerful gun to kill Ms Corwin.

Once Lee`s terrible cancer of combustibly concentrated violence, fuel-injected by an irrational fear of his wife finding out, had been released, via catharsis, the cowboy returns to his dysfunctional, dull 5 senses! 

Okay, so once Christopher had been restored to sanity (it took an unspeakable act of violence to get him there), getting rid of the body was no problem. When looking at prodigious news footage of this Southeastern Californian desert, surrounding a story that gets stranger and stranger as progress down the linear timeline, I couldn`t help but remember several references in Casino, telling of the ease of making somebody disappear in this vast desert, if that`s what needs to happen. 

I hope you`ll pardon me, but that`s what comes in my head when seeing all that cactus, dirt, and sand, blowing tumbleweed (the whole nine yards, people).

I need to return to specifics (eventually); the art of crime simulation is beginning to be my specialization, but yea, I recognize, this steers far away from the traditional tools of law enforcement used in criminal investigation (even veering from a journalist`s approach to this field).

Yet, an argument on the other side of the fence tells me, if I go with a theory for why Lee did it, how he did it, and how he (clumsily) covered it up, I feel as if I can come a whole lot closer to solving the case at hand, as well as scoop the story out from under other news organizations I compete with, who are leery of going too far out on a limb (although the pot of gold dangles perilously at the end)!

I`ll not ride the Bully Pulpit `til the Cows Come Home, but the further you get under a story, the better chance you have of solving it, as well as capturing a larger reading audience! Although, you have to take some chances, Friendo etc...

In this case, HLN scooped it first; they had the eyewitness, Michael Beasley, who could put Erin with C. Lee, leaving her blue 2013 Corolla and getting into Christopher`s new red compact car. Later her Corolla was moved slightly, about 100 feet or so, and Chris left footprints and tire tracks (a different vehicle, his Jeep with Alaskan license plates), that could easily be traced back to him.

Yea, Lee moved her car, after he did what he did with Erin`s body, but why did he do this? Was it so it would be longer until the cops found Erin`s car? Why not move it way out in the desert? This part of it pegs Lee as a dumb crook, just as his wife (Nichole Lee, who is his accomplice) said he was. I should say, however, The Desert Sun`s done a terrific job reporting these bizarre developments, that experience perpetual metamorphosis, in Twenty Nine Palms!

The final touch for me, that makes this a masterpiece of suspense and intrigue, unforeseen outcomes with a twist of terror, is the part about the White Rock Horse Rescue Ranch in Yucca Valley, owned by Isabel Megli. This is also where the Lee`s were staying, temporarily anyway, until they made their not-so-clean getaway back to Alaska. Well, did you think of the Manson`s Family`s Spahn Ranch when you saw White Rock on TV?  

Alright, I sure did, but what the hay! Before I forget, the part about the Potato Gun, which was the premise for Lee`s arrest on the 4th, spooked me considerably also. What the hell was this marine doing with a potato gun anyhow? Is his arrest imminent? Will he tell them where he buried her? Why did Christopher have so many weapons? A big hunter? Of what, WOMEN? He was a RIFLEMAN, but is that all he was?