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Published:July 28th, 2014 16:18 EST

Viral Video: Overjoyed Pooch Passes Out During Reunion With Owner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A schnauzer was so excited to see a young woman in western Pennsylvania that it passed out in a video that has millions of views on YouTube.


`We got her whenever I was still living at home, so she remembers me from when she was a puppy,` Rebecca Svetina said."


If I went away for a couple of years, when I return home my cat might rub his head against my leg, but that would be the extent of his manifestation of pleasure at seeing me again.

Dogs are a horse of a different color, they develop a very strong emotional bond with their owners. Rebecca and her husband live in Slovenia, and she hadn`t been home in two years, and as you can see her pooch missed her tremendously.

The 9-year-old Drama Queen has recovered from his fainting episode, he is doing just fine.

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