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Published:August 5th, 2014 13:22 EST

British Researchers: Horses Talk With Their Ears

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Horse whisperers take note: If you want to better understand your equine friends, then study their ears.

A study has revealed that just like humans, horses read each other`s faces. But, unlike us, they gain important information by specifically examining the ears.


It seems that when a horse is interested in something, it pricks up its ears and swivels them towards whatever has caught its attention."

Daily Mail

The world`s most famous horse (Sarah Jessica Parker) had this to say: That`s utter nonsense! Do you like my new shoes? Do you have any hay?

The world`s second most famous horse (Mr. Ed) weighed in with his two cents` worth: I`ll give you an earful, that`s patently ridiculous. Why are you talking to me anyway? I`m dead; I can`t hear or talk anymore!

The world`s least famous blogger/smartass (Robert Paul Reyes) also weighed in: Never heard such tomfoolery!

Can`t the University of Sussex researchers find better things to study? Like how did the biggest jackass in the Earth (Joe Biden) become Vice President of the United States?

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