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Published:August 6th, 2014 15:15 EST

Imbecile Joe Biden Calls Africa a 'Nation': Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vice President Joe Biden has made yet another flub.  During his speech at the United States-Africa Summit yesterday, Vice President Biden referred to Africa as a `nation.`


Africa is, of course, a 57-country continent."


Joe Biden has made more flubs than Carter has pills or a meth head has zits on his ass. When Crazy Joe wakes up in the morning it`s only a matter of minutes before he puts his foot in his mouth, utters a malapropism or says something foolish.

Obama has the good sense to keep Biden hidden away from reporters, but sometimes he has to let him out, and you can always count on Joe to say something stupid.

The only way to keep Biden from uttering nonsense is by handing him a speech written by somebody else, but that`s not going to work plagiarism ruined Biden`s 1988 presidential run.

If Biden runs for president in 2016, he will be knee-deep in flubs before it finally dawns on him that he can`t beat Hillary.

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