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Published:August 6th, 2014 14:51 EST
Jennifer Huston Committed Suicide? Not the 'Hand Of Fate' We`d Ever Suspect!

Jennifer Huston Committed Suicide? Not the 'Hand Of Fate' We`d Ever Suspect!

By John G. Kays

Gatorade, trail mix, and weak sleeping pills? Then a 38-year-old Oregon mother of two young boys, Jennifer Huston, drives to a woody, rural, private driveway (Gopher Valley Road) and commits suicide? How`d she do it -with a lethal dose of trail mix and over-the-counter sleeping pills, using gatorade to wash it down? 

I don`t mean to come off as too irreverent or disrespectful; rather, I`m just trying to figure this out, or read between the lines, seeing as how Captain Jeff Kosmicki revealed so little yesterday in his news conference (how many ways can you say, I`m not going to tell you anything?) Still Chief Brian Casey did preface the press conference by saying no foul play should be factored in with Jennifer Huston`s unpredictable death; further, there was mention that the public has never at anytime been in any danger.

Needless to say, the final outcome, assuming it was suicide, is probably the most unlikely conclusion (anyone can come up with), to this entire tragic situation; this would include my own take on things, as well as, from what I can tell, what family, friends, media, or even the public at large were thinking, as far as what may have become of Ms Huston, after she left that Circle K, the afternoon of July 24th. 

What we`re seeing, the arbitrary way Fate`s Fickle Hand of Cards appears to have been dealt, is the exact opposite of media projections, or comments made, say, by the husband, Kallen Huston. Kallen emphasized she would never leave her kids; moreover, he indicated their marriage was a happy one. Was she really unhappy and depressed? I never heard any such mention of that condition, although we heard of some severe headaches (nobody has read a great deal into these, but perhaps they were discounted more than was necessary).

With the suggested or implied (aforementioned) scenario we`re looking at (so far), and with the obvious vacuum of information clouding our ken, we might wander off in idle speculation, suspecting that at one time, Jennifer had cruised out to this isolated spot in the dense woods of Oregon (I`m from Texas, so the geography part of this is a complete mystery to me), searching for a place. I mean, the Beaver Creek Road or the W. Sunny Ridge Lane vicinities (etc.), may have been scoped out well in advance.

How else could she be aware of these weird locations? Well, perhaps, she had a friend or an acquaintance who lived out there, a good while, (projecting from) her remote past. In any case, that part of the puzzle will be disclosed in due time, along with the cause of death (once the police feel it`s appropriate to give it to us). Meanwhile, we`re left hanging, scratching our scrambled heads, racked with bewilderment and discomfort, wondering what in the hell demons, this poor mother possessed.

I`m not trying to wax this tragic story to paranormal zones, but you have to admit there`s something very strange going on here! I`ve been shuffling through these galleries of photos of Jennifer (there`re a great many of them published on the internet and on TV), and in every case, she displays a pleasant, radiant smile on her face (JH is seemingly beaming with mirth!). I mean, by all appearances, she`s a very happy person and looks most balanced and normal (to me)

I don`t see any signs of depression, no none whatsoever! Jennifer does not looked bummed out; okay, so perhaps whatever it was that got her depressed, took place after the photos were taken (we`ll have to get dates for some of these photos). Alright, I`ll go ahead and say it; I thought she had been abducted (possibly carjacked) shortly after she departed from the Circle K, when gassing up. *(Another oddity, is why were the police using yellow crime tape when there was no crime?)

This is what most people thought happened, I believe; there was time, however, when I was a trifle suspicious of the husband, I must add. I`m convinced now he`s innocent, although I don`t believe he`s given us the total straight dope on the condition of their marriage. The part about their money problems from a few years prior, perhaps, is a bit more significant than we were initially led to believe. (Just a hunch of mine, but a good one, it seems)

I`m still having a problem with the scenario of her committing suicide; what stronger medicine did she take along with her on these purportedly routine errands? And if she had these potent pills, why buy weaker pills? Why snack on trail mix? That makes no sense! She had every reason to live, no reason to end it all! The Black Gaping Hole of Data in this case is ENORMOUS! Up is down, backwards is forwards, and GLAD IS SAD! Huh???