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Published:August 14th, 2014 11:13 EST

Woman Beats Bloody Hell out of Sister with Spatula!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"West Virginia woman Stephanie Platt now faces serious charges after she attacked her sister with a grill spatula and bit her finger.


Ohio County sheriff deputies arrested Platt on Tuesday evening. When authorities arrived, Platt`s mother reported that she had to break up the fight between the sisters. "

Opposing Views

This wasn`t your run-of-the-mill spatula that you use to turn over your eggs; this was a heavy-duty grill spatula.

It`s no wonder that Platt`s sister looked like she had been attacked by a zombie, by the time she was through beating her sibling upside the head with the spatula.

The sisters` mother broke up the fight, confiscated the spatula, and hurled it into weeds. If the mother had used the spatula to spank her daughters when they were young, perhaps they wouldn`t have grown up to be spatula-brandishing ne`er do wells.

What were the sisters arguing about? Do you really care? I`m tired of this stupid story already.

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