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Published:August 19th, 2014 11:56 EST

Barbarians Kill 15-Foot Long Alligator

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A team led by an Alabama couple was able to capture and kill a gigantic alligator that had been living in the Alabama River.


The 15-foot long alligator that Mandy and John Stokes killed is believed to be the largest that has ever been legally killed by an Alabama hunter. They had some help from Mandy`s brother-in law, Kevin Jenkins, and his two children, Savannah and Parker.

The team`s first try to kill the alligator by shooting it with a 20-gauge shotgun at the base of the neck was unsuccessful. "All it did was make this gator mad,` Mandy Stokes told "Fear had taken hold at this point."


After shooting the 1,011 pounds alligator a second time with the shogun, the magnificent creature finally gave up the ghost.

Shame on these Alabama rednecks for bringing their children to witness the barbaric killing of the noble beast.

Mandy and John Stokes have a bloody trophy, and their children will suffer bloody nightmares.

Isn`t hunting alligators such a noble sport?

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