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Published:August 28th, 2014 11:50 EST
From Brokenness to Beyond: Business Woman`s Rise to Success Like

From Brokenness to Beyond: Business Woman`s Rise to Success Like

By Ernest Dempsey

by Michell Spoden

People of faith believe heavenly words can take us past brokenness to beyond which are the greatest opportunities in life.  Words that have special meaning can carry a person through the dark passages into light, as they have done for Lauretta Marie Pierce.

For Pierce it is as it is in the Bible, the book of the Christians, that offers words that many believe can elevate the heart as in Psalms 119:103: " How Sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth." Pierce has experienced this spiritual truth, as she says and does in more ways than one, like "Scripture in a Cookie."

Michell: What is your name, age, nationality and occupation? 

My name is Lauretta Marie Pierce; I am fifty years old and an African American. I am the CEO and Founder of Covenant Cookies, Covenant Coffee, Loretta`s Sweet Messages and Fixx My Boo Boo Kids Organic Skin Care Line.

Michell: Please tell us a bit about the previous abuse you suffered?

I was a woman who suffered brokenness for years from a domestic violent lifestyle. I had a habit of being attracted to members of the opposite sex whom had baggage as large as mine, and knew nothing about interviews of one`s character before falling into dysfunctional habits. My level of self-worth was very low stemming from a number of things and my idea of happiness could be found in the smallest things, therefore it didn`t take very much to win me over. I later discovered my abuse came in many forms and over many years, through many people. I also discovered I became so familiar with an abusive life style, I abused myself. Self-abuse can also be found through not allowing love, happiness and joy to enter in one`s life, always looking for the worse to happen. That`s exactly where I was, suffering in silence and not allowing peace to enter within because of fear of the unknown. The abuse came violently as well as through manipulation.

Michell: As a woman what did you do to search for your answers to the problems you faced?

During my cycle of abuse, I didn`t think there were answers. I believed it would automatically stop. After many physical attacks I no longer felt a desire to live, fighting back seemed hopeless or more deadly. I hid the scars, bruises and breaks from loved ones for the fear of their involvement.

Michell: Today there are many women who are broken and hurting. If you could say anything to them what would it be?

Know that there are answers, tools, websites, shelters and organizations that will help. Understand you are valuable and a woman of such worth. Also understand that in an instant you can lose your life. "Abuse never just stops; it must be stopped." If someone can hurt you and not care, they can kill you as well. If someone can verbally abuse you and not care, they don`t care about you... get out.

Michell: Today you are a successful business owner. Please tell us a bit about your business and how you got started.

I started in 2005 as a ministry to give something back. I am a Christian who felt God deserved more than what I had to give him. That alone was a type of my own personal abuse even when it came to God, not feeling worthy. I began to volunteer at homeless shelters etc. and had an idea to put the Word of God in fortune cookies along with inspiration. With nothing except faith, not one penny to start a ministry, the doors opened wide.

After three years of giving these cookies away, I was contacted by a magazine in Atlanta, Georgia wanting me to debut them at a function. That year I was named Atlanta`s most Unique Business and calls came in from all over the world. Funny thing, I really had no idea I was in business, my girlfriend Sharon helped me come up with the name.

After that the business Covenant Cookies took off, I was approached by a coffee supplier and Covenant Coffee was born in 2011. A bit later that year I was in dire need of partners, and Baseball Hall Of Fame now Pastor Darryl Strawberry and his beautiful wife Tracey were introduced to me by my now company president, John Luppo. Ideas were brainstormed a manufacturing company began new products and the rest is history.

In 2012, my youngest grandchild had bouts with the disease Sickle Cell and I wanted one hundred percent organic products on her skin. I played around and did research later product testing; hence Fixx My Boo Boo Kids Skincare was born. I anticipate it on whole food shelves this year, product names like, Boo Boo Booty Power, Boo Boo Lips, Boo Boo Body Butter and these produces are wonderful. In 2013 my business partner was looking for another type of product that was a little less expensive than Covenant Cookies. He worked diligently with chocolate companies until Lauretta`s Sweet Messages were born, absolutely gourmet chocolates and I am over joyed with all of these products.

Michell: What is your motto?

"If God Can Use A Cookie..." It fits so well with what has happen because of my faith in God. He actually used a cookie to change my life! .

Michell: Do you think it is important to serve others? If so why?

Serving is my life, it`s the essence of who I am, and we all should be willing to be servants. There must be balance however and that is where I had to learn to draw a line that is where abuse can so easily creep in. There are times when I had to say "no", which has always been the hardest thing for me, but in the end I always understood why.

Michell: Do you ever do inspirational speaking? If so can you be contacted for booking?

I travel every month speaking somewhere. I love Inspirational Speaker appose to Motivational Speaker. I don`t want to motivate, I want to inspire others by my life`s dramatic turn around. Nothing last forever and if people walk away allow them their choice and just because one area of you becomes broken, there are still other parts that are healed... work with those parts. My contact info for booking is or they may call 1-888-mycooki.

Michell: Are you involved with any humanitarian efforts?

Many wonderful organizations have proposed the opportunity to work with them; from combating the sex slave trade to shelters and even high schools, colleges and Prison engagements. I stay open for as many opportunities to change lives as possible. What is so wonderful is that there were great acts of love and humanity done for me also. My associates and friends Darryl Strawberry and his wife actually gave large sums of money because they loved me. I appreciate all they and others have done for me through my struggles as well.

Michell: Have you ever considered starting your own foundation or nonprofit organization?

Yes, many times, however I am dedicating my time and efforts to organizations that are already up and running that need money, support and time. One of my favorites is Minnies Food Pantry in Plato Texas. They have fed over 160,000 people and are growing. Another is The Darryl Strawberry Autism Foundation.

Michell: Please tell us what some of your future goals are?

Of course like many people I want to change the world, but my realistic future goals are to touch, change and inspire as many people as possible. The next goal is my book release from Destiny Film and Publishing entitled "On an Ordinary Day." I can`t wait to sign the first copy!

As the interviewer and writer of this article, I was impressed when I interacted with Pierce.  So in response, this article ends with my personal thanks and that of The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs our wish that this courageous and gifted woman continues to thrive in all her endeavors.

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About the Interviewer

Michell Spoden is the author of Stricken Yet Crowned and is also pursuing a transitional housing project for women with an agricultural aspect. She has a degree in Business Science Administration and is finishing her bachelor`s in Project Management.