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Published:September 4th, 2014 11:47 EST

Viral Video! 7-Week-Old Baby Hears for First Time! Simply Adorable!

By Robert Paul Reyes

As a writer my stock-in-trade is chronicling the absurdity, stupidity, brutality and venality of man, but once in a while I like to highlight a video that can only be described as adorable, inspiring and life-affirming.


I must warn you to have tissues handy, because this viral video of a 7-week-old infant hearing for the very first time will bring you to tears.

The video depicts the cute baby being held by his well-endowed mother, as he is fitted with a hearing aid. Try not to be distracted by mom`s ample bosom, that`s not the miracle that`s on display here.

The baby boy initially looks surprised and confused when he experiences the miracle of sound for the first time. But his surprise quickly morphs into delight when he flashes a grin upon hearing his parents` voices, bringing his mother to tears.

I don`t particularly like babies, but I was bawling like one when I saw this video.

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