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Published:September 16th, 2014 15:02 EST
Why Does Jill Halliburton Su`s Murder Scene Look As If Was Staged To Look Like a Bungled Burglary?

Why Does Jill Halliburton Su`s Murder Scene Look As If Was Staged To Look Like a Bungled Burglary?

By John G. Kays

A homicide case - initially and incorrectly called in as a suicide - that of Jill Halliburton Su, 59 (who lived in Davy, Florida, 12 miles distance from Ft Lauderdale), just came to my attention last night, via HLN. I come across quite a few cases on a weekly (if not a daily) basis, some of which are of interest to me, while others I just as soon could forget about.

I will say, however, this particular case, that of Jill Halliburton Su. who was found dead in her bathtub by her son, on Monday, September 8th (eight days ago), doesn`t have any problem with capturing my un-interrupted attention, since the way the available facts stack-up don`t lead you to any obvious conclusions. The police haven`t yet released the cause of death, but some of what we do know will probably enkindle some fervent head scratching!

The most obvious clue, which might suggest a reason (a motive) for her murder is her name, Halliburton; what`s not so clear yet, is just how much Jill is worth, since she is only the grand-niece of the founder of the oil conglomerate, Erie P. Halliburton. Her father is Louis Halliburton and he worked for his uncle Erie after WWII (maybe for just a few years). 

The Florida mansion where the unfortunate victim lived is worth about a million dollars, I`m hearing, but was first purchased for a half a million; this doesn`t necessarily identify her as overtly wealthy. In any case, the press will probably get at this shortly, thus enabling us to size-up a little better what we`re dealing with here. But other clues we already have, clearly paint a picture that something terribly fishy is in play here; the broken glass is a good starting place, I fathom.

First off, I wish I could see a picture of these shards of glass; did the intruder or killer rather, break the glass on a large sliding glass door, or was it just a regular door with some panels of glass in it? Where was the shattered glass door located? Was it in the back of the house (I`m favoring this spot) or in the front? And this is really important: were the shards of glass scattered about, inside the house or outside? 

If they are outside, the crime scene was definitely staged, set up to look like a burglary gone south; I learned that from a Columbo episode many years ago! Still, and this works also; if the shards of glass were inside (this is likely), then this doesn`t negate a staging scenario, since the killer, after eliminating Jill H. Su, simply goes outside to break the plate glass window (if that`s what it is)

Further support for this staging template, is the proper ransacking of one room. Well, I wonder whether detectives have been able to identify any of Jill`s personal items as missing. *(Okay, a Sun Sentinel piece indicates it was a smashed window in the rear of the house near the pool - that clears up one mystery).

I`m very suspicious and support the theory that whoever did this, whoever murdered Jill Halliburton Su, was trying to make it look like a home invasion style burglary, that morphed into an additional necessary homicide, mandated by the startling realization of surprising an eye-witness, who can finger him and put him in the can faster than you can whistle Dixie! 

No that`s not it at all; the motive was to get rid of Ms Su, with an eye on a much bigger prize, possibly millions and millions of dollars; not a couple of hundred bucks from a small chunk of change or where you have to fence some hot jewelry and you don`t get too much (especially when the crooked fencer puts two and two together: this was murder!). Okay, another oddity that doesn`t go away too easily, is this intruder had somehow disabled the surveillance security system.

The husband, Dr. Nan Yao Su, noticed it was down when at work, Monday morning; when he can`t get a hold of his wife, who should have been at home at the time, he ends up asking his son (name hasn`t been given yet) to check up on her. The son discovers her dead in the bathtub, then runs out frantically, confronting a pool cleaner, Ryan Madriz, apparently, covered in blood (on his arms and shirt - Sun Sentinel). Woe is me! Woe is me!

This unnamed son calls 911 and reports it a suicide; Woe is me again! Wrong, it was actually a homicide! And another item not sitting too well with me, is the thought of an early morning burglary or home invasion; I mean, what burglars work in the morning? Doing a job in the pitch-black of darkness is the usual way a cat will ply their chosen trade, or so I hear. Hopefully, the coroner can determine with a modicum of exactitude, the precise time of death; this will speak volumes. We need to hear the Real Story, not a La La Land television script, concocted by our clumsy culprit!