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Published:September 20th, 2014 17:54 EST

Top Ten Signs An Employee is Showing Up for Work High on Weed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Let`s be blunt. A survey of U.S. adults suggests nearly 10 percent have gone to work high on marijuana on at least one occasion.


The SurveyMonkey poll of 534 U.S. workers, conducted for website Mashable using the pollster`s SurveyMonkey Audience online polling system, found nearly 10 percent of respondents admitted to facing their bosses while baked and about 81 percent of those red-eyed risk-takers said they had obtained their ganja through less-than-legal channels."


Doesn`t take off his sunglasses inside the office.

Calls everyone "dude" even management staff.

His cubicle is littered with empty bags of Doritos and Cheetos.

He blasts Cypress Hill`s "Insane in the Membrane" all day long.

He wears a "Legalize Pot"T-shirt  -- every day.

He has a tendency to fall asleep at meetings.

Shouts "Bazinga" intermittently for no discernable reason.

Tells a co-worker that her eyes are a beautiful shade of marijuana green.

Has a moment of silence every day at exactly 4:20.

Greets everyone with "Why are you holding out on me?" instead of "Good Morning."

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