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Published:September 24th, 2014 11:08 EST

Gunman Says 'This is for Michael Brown' as He Robs Three Couples

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A weekend robbery near a Lafayette Square restaurant took a strange turn when police said a gunman stated  `this is for Michael Brown.`


According to police, the robbery happened Saturday evening in the 1100 block of Mississippi Avenue. Six diners had just left Eleven Eleven. While walking north along Mississippi, police said two black men approached the victims.

One of the suspects pointed a gun at the victims and demanded their property. After the second suspect grabbed items from the victims, the armed suspect stated  `this is for Michael Brown,` a reference to the unarmed teenager shot and killed Aug. 9 by a Ferguson police officer. Both suspects ran away after the robbery."


Some folks are outraged that criminals are appropriating the name and memory of Michael Brown to justify their crimes.

But I can`t think of a more proper way to memorialize the Gentle Giant than to commit a robbery in his name.

One of Brown`s last acts on this Earth was to commit a strong arm robbery; certainly it would make no sense to remember him by saying a prayer or singing Kumbaya.

All of the victims were in their sixties; again this is in the spirit of Michael Brown, the hulking giant who pushed around a middle-aged shop owner because he had the audacity to demand the return of his cigars.

If these robbers are caught I really don`t want to hear any sob stories like: They are really gentle souls, and they were both enrolled in vocational schools.


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