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Published:September 29th, 2014 15:53 EST
A Poem About 'Hope'

A Poem About 'Hope'

By Ed Roberts



The world is a messed up place

It is that way

Because of things we have done

And because of things

We have all failed to do


People are

Sick and starving

Because we have failed to find a way

To feed them

Or teach them

How to care for and feed themselves


When we could have been building

Schools and hospitals

We have built missiles

And bought weapons

Instead of spreading peace

We have chosen to profit

From feeding wars instead


Instead of teaching children

How to make this a better world

We have taught them

That the most important thing in life

Is for them to find a way

To entertain themselves

Instead of helping others


We incarcerate those

Who fail to meet our laws

But only those

Who can not afford to buy " justice

Instead of trying to reform and help those

Who fall into our prisons

We seek to punish them

And isolate them

Even after they have served their time


We fail to care for our elderly

Our Veterans

And those with mental illness

But we protect

The bottom lines

Of major companies

And ensure our military suppliers

Always have a market for their wares


Yes, the world is a messed up place

And it is that way

Because this is the way

We have all allowed it to become

And it will not get any better

It will never change

Unless all of us decide to stand together

And change it


The most dangerous lie

A person can tell themself

Is that they are powerless to change

The world around them

A government only has power over its people

As long as they themselves

Allow it

Instead of the people serving their government

It should serve them instead


Against the greatest darkness

We can always bring light

And even in the worst of times

With love and compassion

There always will remain



Ed Roberts