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Published:September 30th, 2014 13:35 EST
In the Case of Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter, Why Is It We Suspect Arron Lewis of METH Usage?

In the Case of Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter, Why Is It We Suspect Arron Lewis of METH Usage?

By John G. Kays

I needed to pull away an iota from the Hannah Graham story, and its adjunct, which we might describe as the incredible inroads made into the Morgan Harrington case from 2009; not that I won`t return to it fairly soon, but I suspect I could use a rest from these terrible developments in Charlottesville, Virginia, so I re-allocated my focus over to this missing real estate agent, Beverly Carter, in Little Rock, Arkansas. It`s not so surprising really; all I accomplished by switching over to this case, is I transferred high levels of stress and frustration over to another equally, emotionally charged, situation. 

Now I`m twice as stressed out as I was before! Why are there so many NUT JOBS out there, I`m wondering? And what`s going on in our society, that`s making it possible for these LOONIES to end up turning out the way they do (I`m referring to Jesse Matthews and Arron Lewis, of course)? Well, I don`t guess we`ll find out anytime soon, so I`ll just jot down a few random thoughts, with the idea of speeding the process up a teeny bit (we could use some answers, people!).

One obvious difference between the Hannah Graham case and that of Beverly Carter, is this goofball, Arron Lewis, told investigators where he left Beverly (12100 block of Hwy 5, in Pulaski County), while our Dreadlocked Suspect has clammed up in this regard. I`ll stop making comparisons at this juncture, since I need to move away Virginia in short order before it`s necessary to schedule an appointment with a shrink *(after last night`s disclosure that Jesse was sexually assaulting several college girls on the night he ultimately abducted Hannah and probably did some other bad things also).

I`m unable to accurately describe the awful sensation I get when thinking on this, but the word RAGE probably closely approximates it (one suspects this joker was getting away with such criminal behavior for quite a few years before this). Alright so, like I said, I`m out of there! I suppose we`ll turn our attention to another crazy person, Arron Lewis instead; what makes him tick?

How is he wired? Why would he want to hurt a nice looking real estate agent? How could it be robbery, since Beverly`s purse wasn`t taken from this house she was showing him (this gray wooden house is in the small community of Scott-the body was found in Cabot, 25 miles north of this house)? (ABC News)

Well, not to distort the picture too much, as far as what we are learning about the suspect, but this character, in terms of his personality, is starting to look a little wacky. It may be that mugshot, or it could be that strange car accident he got in when trying to get away from the police (with his bloody face plastered all over the internet), but man oh man`s all I will say for now! 

Okay, so one other item easily caught my attention; a neighbor (GC) of Lewis` in Jacksonville, Ark., which is where the suspect lived, said he was brooding on the porch after losing his job. Also, he`d lost a lot of weight recently. (NBC News)  I don`t know how you will interpret these telling facts, but as far as I`m concerned, I`m thinking Arron might be a METH-HEAD

Most likely, you`re drifting in the same direction as I am, carried swiftly by the horrifyingly turgid propulsion of Methamphetamine Zephyrs! I`m not kidding, Lewis looks that way to me *(I`m about half way through Season Five of Breaking Bad, if that`s any help to you). It doesn`t look as if my situation has improved any, by changing cases. *(This isn`t about me, I know!) Anyhow, I`m now convinced robbery was his real motive, although all he got away with was Ms Carter`s cell phone; then he sends some terrifically dumb text messages to her husband, which only a brain-fried Meth-Head could be capable of. BRAIN-FRY IS THIS VEGETABLE`S MO!