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Published:October 9th, 2014 12:03 EST
The Cold Case of Michelle O`Connell, Implying Police Complicity, Reminds Me of Laurie Bembenek!

The Cold Case of Michelle O`Connell, Implying Police Complicity, Reminds Me of Laurie Bembenek!

By John G. Kays

The death of Michelle O`Connell (on September 2, 2010, in St Augustine, Florida-the oldest city in the U.S.) by a gunshot from Jeremy Banks` service revolver is obviously a homicide, not a suicide, such as was originally ruled. I just became aware of this very shocking case of deception and cover-up last night, but in the face of such ignorance, made up lost ground, applying myself in concentrated research this morning, and noticed a plethora of what looks like reliable information, although it`s secondary in nature. 

In any case, we`re hearing Florida Governor Rick Scott thought that the body of data looked fishy enough to warrant a reopening of the circumstances of 24-year-old Michelle O`Connell (on the occasion of her untimely death), who had this not so nice boyfriend (Jeremy Banks), who, in turn, worked for the St Johns County Sheriff`s Office as a Deputy (he still has this position, I understand). The first shocker is, this agency reviewed themselves in Michelle`s purported suicide, which smacks of an inappropriate, practically incestuous practice!

I`m still trying to wrap my head around how this came about; I suspect Jeff Ashton will be doing the same thing, and will probably get underneath this, what is starting to resemble a classic police cover-up or conspiracy (if you`ll indulge me), where the Boys in Blue protect their own, even though their own is likely a malicious murderer. This heinous trend gives an appearance of mounting momentum in recent days! 

When glancing at my brief, yet succinct notes, I observed a few pungent words that smack of good summaries for what happened here; they are: FIX, SET-UP, and PLANT! There you go, you get it; what we sense, is that Banks staged the crime scene, telling the 911 Operator Michelle had used his service revolver, shooting herself in the mouth (thus SUICIDE!).

I had the opportunity last night, when watching HLN, to listen to the contrived 911 call, against images of Jeremy`s house (where the crime occurred) in St Augustine, Fl. This crooked cop almost gets away with it, but recently a bar owner by the name of Danny Harmon has been singing a different tune (a darker ditty).

The day after Michelle died, this Bad Apple let go of some words to Danny that tend to point at him as the shooter. The f-ing B deserved what she got, is how it goes, and I`ll let you fill in the missing vowels and consonants. This tells you something about the levels of outrageous arrogance and sheer viciousness, that apparently make up a big part of this officer of the laws` fiber or character. 

We hear he was mean to Michelle and beat her too, especially when he`d been drinking. Actually, when they found Michelle, she had a large bruise or contusion above her eye, seemingly, where someone (wonder who that was?) had smacked her a good one! It`s hard to believe investigators on the scene explained away this obvious wound as recoil from the gun Michelle used to shoot herself, since the gun would go backwards, not forward, adhering the intractable laws of gravity. This is, in my view, a most blatant sign that some fellow cops (with St Johns County Sheriff Dept.) were shielding one of their own Blue Boys!

What we really have here, although I`m gleaning the truth in terms of an abstraction, is that Michelle was trying to Leave Banks that night, so he decided he wouldn`t allow it. I wonder how much he`d had to drink (on 9/02/`10), although that part of it probably wasn`t looked at too closely; he gets mad, she was leaving him permanently, then starts to beat her, just as he had done several times before. Then when she wouldn`t stop for nothing, since she thought he was a loser, he simply shoots her to death. 

Then a classic cop cover-up begins to come about; since last night, the Run Bambi Run! case has been rolling through my subconscious. A Milwaukee Police Officer, Fred Schultz, husband to Laurie Bembenek, probably killed his ex-wife, Christine Schultz on May 28, 1981, then he sets up his wife for the crime he committed. Then he gets MPD to back him up all the way! 

They get a conviction for Laurie, but she eventually escapes from prison. This case of Michelle O`Connell is quite a bit different than this famous one of Bambi Bembenek, although they share many similarities, in spite of these distinguishing ones. I see the two examples as one and the same; really, the only difference is Michelle died instantly, while Bambi took a rather long time to die.