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Published:October 15th, 2014 13:42 EST
Will Wendy Davis Gain Momentum from the Voter ID Ruling? A Ferguson Effect?

Will Wendy Davis Gain Momentum from the Voter ID Ruling? A Ferguson Effect?

By John G. Kays

The court recognized that these deeply personal decisions should be made by a woman with the guidance of her family and her doctor. The actions by Austin politicians like Greg Abbott had closed all but eight Texas reproductive health centers and harmed the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of women throughout the state. Wendy Davis

As I hear Wendy Davis speak, or as I read her clearly articulated statements in print news, I`m psyching myself into the mindset that she`s already our Texas Governor. Yea, I realize this is slightly eccentric behavior on my part; I can tell you frankly, I don`t really mind if you are having such negative thoughts about me, since this has been going on for more than fifty years now. I`m a part of a minority of liberals living in conservative Texas, who `s seen many changes take place (lots of stagnation as well), and who can see many more changes in the crystal ball, holding what the future will bring. We`ll need to include Wendy Davis in the mix, as far as how those substantive changes are going to play out. I predict this metamorphosis (will be) moving away from RED polar extremes, and towards the calmer BLUE waters of equal treatment and ample opportunity for all Texans (not just wealthy white people, who make up Greg Abbott`s dwindling constituency).

Conscious that I tend to be a bit of a dreamer sometimes and considerably over-idealistic, I buckled down and did my homework this morning, finding at least two items in the news that could very well provide a burst of energy for Wendy Davis`s campaign for Governor (the Myth of Sisyphus comes to mind, with the granite-like pockets of RED MINERAL ROCK still  lodged in the Politico Terra Firma). Well, before the Repub-Monster chews me up, let me mention those twin miracles of news, the fragrant Zephyrs , no doubt, which will jump-start Wendy`s run for the Governor`s Mansion: 1. the Supreme Court will allow more than a dozen Texas abortion clinics to reopen, which makes Abbott look bad, since he`s the one working so hard to close them. And the Supreme Court is not so particularly liberal. So this pushes GA even further to the RIGHT in terms of public perception; this isn`t good `cuz most people are more to the CENTER, and many are beginning to lean to the LEFT a wee bit more, I observe. Moreover, this validates Wendy`s famous marathon filibuster of abortion clinic restrictions (in June of 2013, I believe); as such The Supreme Court is more in line with her thinking, at the same time, rejecting Abbott`s out-of-date views.

Another outgrowth of this landmark decision (nearly an October surprise), is now women in groves will flock over to Wendy`s side, including Centrist Republicans, when knowing she has the backing of the highest court in the land! It`s that simple. 2. (the second miracle of news) - The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is, for now, upholding the Voter ID law, requiring a photo identification of some kind, although it will probably get shot down fairly soon, will remain in place for these midterms. I can`t give exact figures for how many potential voters this could affect adversely, but I notice The Texas Tribune said it could be as much as 600,000 registered voters (or are they?), most of which are minorities. My view is obviously contrary to what this foul law likely portends; that is, so many people will be angered by this upholding, it will put a fire under the BLUE TURNOUT, which will benefit Wendy, so that the sheer numbers casting ballots will put Ms Davis in the pristine, yet haunted Gov-Mansion. This is how historical dialectics work, the opposite comes about; this is what happened, which continues today, in Ferguson, Mo. You try to push people aside, and they`ll just come back for more! Turnout will be good, I predict!