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Published:October 17th, 2014 10:37 EST
Why Are The Democrats Such Strong Contenders in the Senate and Governor Midterms? Hillary?

Why Are The Democrats Such Strong Contenders in the Senate and Governor Midterms? Hillary?

By John G. Kays

Just been psyching out on some recent developments of Political Karma over the past few days; the Ebola scare is shaking things up considerably, so who`s to say what`s going on, really. The stock market`s been fidgety, retail sales a bit iffy, and Democrats are openly dodging any association with Obama, although I do believe the economy is showing improvement, but it`s slow (with a detectable ebb and flow). 

Previous forecasts for the Midterms have predicted a sweep by Republicans; but I wonder, after scrutinizing RealClearPolitics for both Senate and Governor races. Rachel Maddow had a nice little segment from a few days ago that made it clear just how good the Democrats are doing in some of these, shall we say, battleground states. 

I`ve been following Georgia closest, but now I`m adding on Kentucky, and can`t help but take a careful look at Florida, since I so LOVE Charlie Crist and so LOATH Rick Scott! And we notice Hillary Clinton is lending a helpful hand also now.

I`ve said it before, but I`ll say it again, I sure do wish Hillary would come down and visit us in Texas, and help Wendy Davis; I can`t include myself in the Hobo Camp that says Texas is a lost cause yet, since I sense, contrary to popular opinion, turnout is going to be tremendous *(or STUPENDOUS)! 

Texas and Georgia share this quality; it`s the minority turnout (in Georgia it`s more African Americans and in Texas it`s more Hispanic voters), I`m talking about, which could make Michelle Nunn our next new senator in Georgia, and Wendy Davis our next Governor in Texas.

A WRBL/Ledger-Enquirer/PMB poll (10/13-10/14) has Michelle Nunn ahead of David Perdue by 1% point (46 to 45). Michelle is finding Perdue`s Achilles Heel in that he has a history of outsourcing jobs; if she keeps punching away on this point, I believe she`ll win. OUTSOURCING JOBS is UN-AMERICAN! 

And have you noticed a turnaround in how the media is spinning Wendy`s Wheelchair Ad; Abbot`s HYPOCRISY is his Achilles Heel. It`s unconscionable that he would collect all that money when a tree crippled him, but then he vetoes those poorer people who would do the same (read John Grisham`s The Rainmaker sometime).

I had to catch Hillary`s speech in Louisville Wednesday night (you can see it in its entirety on The Courier-Journal), campaigning for Alison Lundergan Grimes, who`s making a respectable countermand to the arch-conservative stalwart, Mitch McConnell, who may very well get himself toppled from power. Well, I must say, Alison Grimes is an attractive, articulate Southern Belle who is scoring some great points and this gets even better with Hillary and Bill behind her now, which may be enough to make up the difference. 

McConnell snubbed his nose at Kentucky`s Health Care web site like it was meaningless, while we know, many Kentuckians have their health insurance from here now (because of the The Affordable Care Act-which is working just fine). Hillary brought home that important point Wednesday night, while also bringing up Minimum Wage, which I thought was a good way of bringing voters over to Alison Grimes` camp

Now we hear McConnell wants to restrict air travel from West Africa, and so (I surmise) that shallow approach will help Grimes some more. Does Ebola help the Republicans more or is it the Democrats (politicizing it is bad, I know, but it has already happened!)? I`d say, since it looks like Obama is doing a good job with the crisis, I`d say it`s the Democrats!