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Published:October 23rd, 2014 12:11 EST
Bruce Braley Is Likable and Sensible, While Joni Ernst is Even Further RIGHT than The Tea Party!

Bruce Braley Is Likable and Sensible, While Joni Ernst is Even Further RIGHT than The Tea Party!

By John G. Kays

I`m worried because if we don`t raise the minimum wage, 130,000 Iowans won`t get a much-deserved pay raise. I`m worried because if we privatize social security, which I strongly oppose, it`s going to be a retirement plan for investment bankers on Wall Street, not a retirement plan for Iowans. Bruce Braley-Iowa

Iowa Senate Race-(Democrat) Bruce Braley Vs (Republican) Joni Ernst

With the senate races running so neck to neck in the upcoming Midterms, my enthusiasm is approaching ecstatic peak levels, contrary to a predicted apathy or malaise, piping through various media channels. Recent stats for Early Voter participation, apparently, tends to vindicate me, where my thoughts and feelings are anything but a resemblance of alienation from the political process. 

My focus today is on the races in Iowa between Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican candidate Joni Ernst; adding to this heated contest, I`ve been taking a look at Hew Hampshire, where incumbent is pitted against (a blast from the past) Scott Brown, who is getting cast as a carpetbagger (this analogy holds water for me!)

A reading of some recent poll averages off of Real Clear Politics tells me Joni Ernst is ahead by 2.5%. The last poll posted was Quinnipiac, which gives Ernst 48% and Braley 46%; clearly there`s a little wiggle room here with maybe 6% who are undecided. 

I took a pretty close look at these two candidates this morning, including several views of Joni Ernst`s TV Ads (two hog ads and one motorcycle/pro-firearm rant). From my vantage point, Ernst has a bit more pizazz and show business acumen, but she`s a trifle on the extreme side, if you ask me (to put it bluntly, it seems as if she`s to the right of even the Tea Party)

On the other side of the equation, we get Bruce Braley, who (for me) is a very likable, balanced guy, who makes perfect sense in his beliefs about what will be good for Iowa (not one of the richest states). I feel strongly about raising minimum wage and for preserving Social Security, so I`m glad to hear Bruce defend these causes.

Watching Joni shoot her handgun at a range, I can`t help but think she`s far too unbalanced to be a U.S. Senator; I certainly hope Iowans ultimately feel the same way about her (Joni`s off!).

New Hampshire Senate Race-(Democrat) Jeanne Shaheen Vs (Republican) Scott Brown

The poll averages give Jeanne Sheehan a narrow lead of 1.6%; Shaheen`s struggle to maintain her lead over Scott Brown is the result of only one political reality, President Obama is not very popular right now. This is why I believe her approach of defending The President`s policies, such as The Affordable Care Act, are all the more critical or appealing. 

During Tuesday`s debate, some of which I got to see on the internet, Jeanne does a good job of defending ObamaCare, where some of its attributes clearly outweigh (such as coverage for pre-existing conditions) any vacuous plan (there is none, actually) put forth by the cheap-shot slinging, narrow-minded Scott Brown, who doesn`t fare from New Hampshire anyhow *(thus securing the moniker of CARPETBAGGER).

I sense these New Englanders will make their way back to Terra Firma, and re-elect Jeanne Shaheen; somebody needs to tell Scott the Southern Border is not in New England! Even indicted felon, Governor Rick Perry knows the border is in Texas, shared with Mexico (and has been that way for quite a while).