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Published:October 30th, 2014 10:15 EST

Creepy Cop Sought to Sniff Woman's Feet

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Texas prosecutors said a former school district officer told a woman she could go if she let him smell her feet or handed over her underwear.


The Harris County District Attorney`s Office said Cy-Fair School District Officer Patrick Quinn, who has since been fired, pulled over a woman at 3 a.m. Aug. 11 for an expired sticker and told her that her vehicle smelled of marijuana.

Quinn, who prosecutors said should not have been conducting traffic stops as a school resource officer, claims to have found a marijuana grinder in the woman`s car. "


I never manage to talk my way out of a traffic ticket; I just get myself in deeper trouble. I wish a pervert cop would pull me over; I`d gladly turn over my dirty drawers in exchange for letting me go.             

Quinn didn`t have the authority to conduct traffic stops, the only authority he had was to stop kids from running in the school hallways.

Quinn was charged with two counts of oppression, that must be a polite way of charging him with being a perverted freak.

Quinn is disgrace to school resource officers who risk their lives to protect the children under their charge.

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