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Published:October 31st, 2014 11:09 EST
The Google Productivity Guide  - A Book for all Google Users

The Google Productivity Guide - A Book for all Google Users

By Keith Johnson

The Google Productivity Guide  - A Book for all Google Users

Today is an important day because for the first time - The Google Productivity Guide by Keith Charles Johnson is finally available for all readers at This book is first being released as a paperback because the book is written in the spirit of learning and education. So, you are actually encouraged to read this book and mark it up with your ideas, notes, and more as you read. In this way, you can apply general Search, Web, and Chrome Tools and Tips to your specific needs and refer back to the guide as you use Google.

As a Technical Writer in the field of Information Technology for more than twenty years, I consider myself to be a frequent user of Google Tools and Resources. Search is just the beginning for me - I am all centered now in Google Chrome for browsing and tasking and even using Google Docs. Also, the many web resources of Google are bookmarked in my browser now for instant access and that way I optimize my time. And you can too. Just grab a copy of this book - and it is literally for the price of a coffee. I did a search at CreateSpace to compare the price of my book against other books about Google - and in some cases my book was merely 20% the price of other books - which are of course very old now since technology changes quickly.

This book - The Google Productivity Guide - is for everyone - young students, homemakers, the elderly, working professionals, college students, entrepreneurs, teachers, and more. I suppose the only ones who will scoff at a book like this will be the super nerds - but even still - I challenge them to read this book and walk away with at least two new resources that they previously did not know about. That is my challenge.

I wrote this guide first for myself and then soon saw that the content had and still has positive content that will benefit readers from all walks of life. So, that is how I was able to turn this idea into a complete book - with a cover, table of contents, sections, chapters, images and more. I hope you all enjoy this book and also hope that by the end of this book you have gained new productivity and can apply this new productivity to your life situation - at school, work, and otherwise. Cheers and Best Regards.

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Technical Writer and Author
"The Google Productivity Guide"
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Hollywood, Florida, USA

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