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Published:November 6th, 2014 11:33 EST

Did Shoshana Roberts' Haughty Attitude Provoke the Catcalls? Hell Yes! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Zealand model`s attempt to recreate a viral video of a woman being catcalled in New York failed to capture any rude behavior on the streets of Auckland.


Nicola Simpson, 24, was sent walking the streets of Auckland by the New Zealand Herald in an attempt to try a similar video experiment to the one in New York that resulted in Shoshana Roberts, 24, being harassed by men 108 times."


Is Nicola Simpson happy that the men in New Zealand aren`t total pigs, or is she worried that perhaps she isn`t hot enough to elicit any catcalls?

Most men, regardless if they live in New York City or Auckland, respect women and they don`t harass women walking in the street unless they are dressed like shameless sluts or have a haughty attitude.

I realize my opinion isn`t politically-correct; in this day and age common sense is derided as chauvinism.

Shoshana Roberts, the woman who was harassed by men 108 while walking the mean streets of New York City, has only her attitude to blame. Watch her video: Her unsmiling face reeks of haughtiness and contempt for men, she is practically provoking men to shower her with questionable remarks.

No woman should be subjected to sexist remarks while taking a walk, but girlfriend please exercise some common sense and give the snotty attitude a rest.

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