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Published:November 6th, 2014 14:38 EST
Like a Tardy Tortoise, I Whole-Heartedly Embrace 9/11 Conspiracy Studies in the 7th Inning!

Like a Tardy Tortoise, I Whole-Heartedly Embrace 9/11 Conspiracy Studies in the 7th Inning!

By John G. Kays

When visiting an old friend of mine, Jim L, who I haven`t seen in, say, 15 years, we had a good deal of catching up to do, as far as how are lives have changed or developed, or maybe stagnated, over the past decade and a half. One shared area of interest (remnants of the past) is a love of Conspiracy Movements (including books, videos, blogs, podcasts, symposiums, you name it); in this regard, the two of us have made some gains, chalking up a strengthening of expertise in sundry particular fields of study. 

I`ve always been strong on the JFK Assassination, so I continue to firm-up my knowledge on this (keeping up with the books and videos alone is a full time job). Through the years, I`ve made progress too on some other important cases: the Waco Massacre, Oklahoma City, the RFK Assassination, and the MLK Assassination, just to name the most obvious ones (Ruby Ridge is a must also). Jim L, however, has made significant inroads into (what I`ll call) 9/11 Conspiracy Studies; this impressed me, knowing I have often told myself I`ll make the leap, then never getting around to it.

Jim was nice enough to loan me some of his very hard to find, underground or bootleg, (shall we say) Conspiracy Paraphernalia, or Ephemera (one of my favorite words in the English language); as such, I`m starting to make some gains, although, as you probably suspect, there are mountains piling upon mountains of this stuff. I fancy, I got my paws on some of the bread and butter materials, so once I absorb much of this, I can branch out and begin to blossom a trifle on 9/11 (The Twin Towers), as I observe this is a cottage industry rivaling (or almost rivaling) the JFK Incident in Dallas. 

I need to emphasize, I`m not deriving any pleasure out of this (it`s not a sport); I`m curious to know what happened, or (shall we say) The Truth behind the toppling of the Twin Towers, which altered the course of U.S. History as forcefully as John Kennedy getting it in Big D; the latter led directly to a horrible, drawn out guerrilla war in Vietnam, while the former pushes on the strings (is a cause) for both the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War (both long, drawn out affairs, fiascos really, equalling the tragedy of American involvement in Vietnam). 

Therefore, we have a mandate to investigate all aspects of the 9/11 multi-dimensional subterfuge (here`s a given). Anyhow, I have obtained a copy of The Terror Conspiracy, by Jim Marrs, The 9/11 Commission Report, a DVD of Loose Change: An American Coup (2009), by Dylan Avery, 911 Truthclips, and Improbable Collapse - The Demolition of Our Republic (the last two are 9/11 items, I believe).

Alright, so I realize there are many of you out there who are way ahead of me in your command of these materials; my own defense is I`m like the Tortoise who eventually wins the race with the impetuous Hare. I`m slow and steady, and obsessively, obstinately, persistent and consistent in my dedication to uncovering what happened on September 11, 2001. 

As I read and watch, I sense an intrinsic dialectic developing right before my eyes, that`s amazingly contradictory and profoundly confounding, where every time you put forth the standard, status quo rendering of the facts, and the blanket version of how this tragic day unfolded the way it did (or how it appeared to unfold on cable TV), an equally plausible scenario can be projected, that`s grounded in fact and backed by credible eyewitnesses, many who`ve since perished, having contracted cancer from copious, horrific Twin Tower debris (I refer to the many brave NYC firefighters, who lost their lives on that day, or later on, once they contracted cancer from the ruins).

I`ll not trek too far into some of the issues just yet, other than to say, as I read Jim Marrs and view some of these great videos, I`m amazed by how strong, supported by facts, some of the countermanded-interpretations of what seemed to go down, appear. And just as I have always been careful to read the Warren Report (and the raw volumes), as I circumnavigate credible, well-researched classics regarding JFK`s enigmatic demise, so do I (make a meticulous effort to) absorb The 9/11 Commission Report, which, surprisingly enough, makes for a good read, oozing as it does, with contemporary history, that helps to put much of this in context (I`ll cite the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in October of 2000 as a prime example). 

The flaws and omissions in (or maybe not in) the report are pointed to by the conspiracy writers with razor-sharp precision; as such, until you`ve mastered The Report, you`re not going to grasp the enormity of this, or sense what you are up against. I`ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours breaking down The Warren Report (and the multitudinous exhibits accompanying the short Report), so I have a good idea how large of a task this tends to be. I wonder if these guys are getting it right? 

I will say, however, I`ve yet to see any real flaws in the cogent argument, the Twin Towers were actually taken down by a controlled demolition. This is what the firemen said and saw, so I will believe them, until I can be convinced otherwise.I can see with my own eyes some of the discharge of explosions, as the towers pancake to smithereens (fine powder dust); I`m not that old and blind!