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Published:November 10th, 2014 15:13 EST

Outrage: Delta Loses Passenger's Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"We`ve all heard of airlines losing luggage, but a Delta passenger says the airline lost his dog.

Frank Ramano says he rescued his dog Ty a year ago.  So when he had the chance to travel from Los Angeles to Tampa for a few weeks, he decided to take Ty with him.


But when Frank arrived in Florida, Ty was nowhere to be found.

Delta says the dog chewed through his crate and escaped. "


It`s one thing to lose your luggage; it`s a horse of a different color when an airline loses your dog.

Delta says they`re now searching for Ty at the airport in Los Angeles, and regret that he`s missing. But Ramano feels that the airline isn`t demonstrating enough sympathy and concern for his emotionally wrenching predicament. The poor guy has been stuck in Tampa a week; he refuses to return home until he finds his pooch.

What can we learn from Ramano`s unfortunate situation? If you`re flying don`t take your dog with you, the baggage compartment is a miserable place for an animal to be confined for hours, and there`s always the risk he will run away. Leave your friend with a trusted friend, or board him at a veterinary hospital.

Ty is microchipped and Ramano hasn`t given up hope that he will be reunited with his canine companion.

I would be devastated if my pooch ran away, I`m hoping for a happy ending.

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