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Published:November 12th, 2014 11:15 EST

Drug-pusher Priest Arrested at Cocaine Party

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A priest arrested on suspicion of drug possession for dealing after being discovered at a `cocaine party` in Milan in July is to be judged in a fast-track trial, judicial sources said Tuesday.


Don Stefano Maria Cavalletti, 45, is set to appear before a preliminary hearings judge on January 29.

Don Stefano, who served in the Piedmont town of Stresa, told police he had started to use cocaine as a form of `self-treatment` for depression after first running into trouble with the law."


It`s refreshing and encouraging to read that a priest has been arrested for a crime that doesn`t involve molesting young boys.

Instead of atoning for being convicted of fraud against an elderly parishioner in 2013 by reciting a dozen Hail Mary`s, this evil priest snorted coke as self-treatment for depression for running afoul of the law.

This priest is on a fast-track to hell, he will soon be joining his pedophile priest buddies in the lake of fire.

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