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Published:November 18th, 2014 13:36 EST

In 1969 Bill Cosby Released Album That Included Bit About Drugging Women

By Robert Paul Reyes

"One of the commonalities that`s risen out of sexual abuse allegations by Andrea Constand, Barbara Bowman, Tamara Green and now Joan Tarshis against Bill Cosby is that the comedian and actor was able to sexually assault them because, they say, he drugged them first.


In light of such information, a recently resurfaced bit about drugging women with Spanish fly from his 1969 album It`s True! It`s True! " is not doing Cosby any favors. Tarshis alleged that Cosby drugged and raped her the same year."

Washington Post

Bill Cosby`s modus operandi as an alleged serial rapist hasn`t changed over the decades: He drugs his victims, rapes them, and then he relies on his celebrity to intimidate the women from speaking out.

From his first victim, that we know of, in 1969, to his victims decades later, they all relate the same tale: Cosby drugged them and then had his way with them.

Interesting that in 1969 Cosby released a comedy album that includes a bit about drugging women with Spanish Fly.

The department store Santa is a skid row wino, your parish priest is a pedophile, and America`s favorite TV dad is an alleged serial rapist.

The statute of limitations has expired, and Cosby has the best lawyers that money can buy, but there is no statute of limitations on the outrage of the American people, and we must make Cosby`s life a living hell until he dies.

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