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Published:December 3rd, 2014 13:09 EST
Did Eric Garner Resist Arrest? Daniel Pantaleo`s Hidden Agenda?

Did Eric Garner Resist Arrest? Daniel Pantaleo`s Hidden Agenda?

By John G. Kays

If you`re anything like me, then you`ll agree, once the Michael Brown police shooting went down (August 9th), you didn`t pay too much attention to Eric Garner`s death in Staten Island, three weeks earlier (July 17th), also caused by a policeman. Having absorbed about as much information as my little brain can take in (regarding Ferguson), today, I turn my attention to Eric Garner`s equally disconcerting case, upon hearing that a grand jury decision is imminent, as far as whether to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the overtly culpable New York Police Officer, who choked Mr. Garner to death.

I`m doing right as I begin my research, looking at what I can find on the internet in the way of news on Eric Garner`s (only 43-years-old) very troublesome death, from the (iron-grip) choke hold he received from Pantaleo, who looks like he`s a fairly burley fellow (just an observation from the ample video footage viewed this morning). 

This preliminary probe, of course, requires a viewing of the phone video, shot by an eyewitness as the bullying of Garner progressed to its lethal stage. This is fortunate, since the obvious homicide is captured permanently in real time! Can a police officer be a killer?

Apparently so, since a motion picture doesn`t lie; another part of my cursory investigation was to watch a longer video of several police officers awkwardly standing about, next to the lifeless body of the Garner, as they await a (purposeless) emergency vehicle. I`ll cite another casual observation: the look on Daniel Pantaleo`s face speaks for itself - Boy, we`re (or I`m) in hot water now!, he seems to be saying (or thinking)!

That`s an understatement, if the grand jury ends up indicting him for murder, or for a lesser charge of manslaughter (which will still ruin his career, if that`s not already the case). Okay, so this 2nd video knocked the wind out of me too, tossing my objectivity out the window! This reminded me of seeing footage of Michael Brown`s body in the street, so you can see, it didn`t make me feel too good. It is necessary to view this disturbing video, however, in order to get a true sense of what happened that day.

I have buttressed these horrifying moving images with some solid print news stories, gathered from reliable sources, filling in many details that have pertinence. Apparently, Eric was no angel, and had been in trouble with the law multiple times; in this incident (the final one for poor Eric), it seems as if he he was caught selling loose cigarettes, getting past the tax (while he was a repeat offender, not such a vicious crime, really)

Two other factual items can be cited as relevant and worthy of your consideration. Garner`s health wasn`t the greatest, having asthma, and topping that off, Eric was way overweight (350 lbs) and had a heart condition. This caught my eye when I realized he was guilty of selling the illicit contraband of cigarettes. I don`t mean to make too much of this detail, but I suspect most will notice the irony inherent in this. 

The 3rd telling detail I ought to mention is, the bystander video captures the incident after it was fully in progress; did Garner resist arrest? I don`t think he did, but once again, some of the crucial evidence must lie in the initiating of the arrest, when attempting to measure the levels of deadly force (I`ll point out, Pantaleo wasn`t the only one joining in on the over-the-top apprehension).

One wonders, what set the officers off so much, that they felt like they had to jump on Garner to this extent, in order to arrest him? Of course, we realize the NYPD officers didn`t have Garner`s medical file handy, so they couldn`t have known how bad his condition was, but still? Just looking at him, you can sense he had some problems with his health; worst-case obesity is an obvious give-away.

Did Daniel Pantaleo willingly and purposely choke this man until he was dead? It sure looks like it, especially when you factor in, Eric kept uttering: I can`t breathe, I can`t breathe! Why didn`t he loosen his grip upon hearing these words? He just didn`t, I guess you`ll say. If this is true, then Pantaleo`s gonna have to spend some time in a jail cell. We can`t tolerate these kinds of officers working amongst us!