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Published:December 4th, 2014 14:00 EST
Ibolya Ryan`s Killer, the Reem Island Ghost, It Turns Out, Was a Woman After All!

Ibolya Ryan`s Killer, the Reem Island Ghost, It Turns Out, Was a Woman After All!

By John G. Kays

Is the Reem Island Ghost a man or a woman? Was Ibolya Ryan`s murder induced spontaneously, or was it considerably well-planned, or, as we often say, premeditated? Various identifiable clues point me in the direction of premeditation; each of these telling clues, taken separately, don`t overtly hint at a well-thought-out homicide, but taken all together, (they) weave a story where the killer knew exactly what they were going to do, and knew exactly how they were gonna pull it off, ie, premeditation. 

First of all, I`d like to mention, I was most impressed with my sources; USA Today had a very complete piece, telling us about Ibolya Ryan`s entire teaching career, As well, I was able to digest some good information from CNN and from the Telegraph in England; of course, most news outlets published the very scary mall surveillance footage, showing this black cloaked murderer`s (in an abaya, black gloves, and hijab) entrance, dramatic getaway, then exit into the parking garage. 

Right off the bat, let me express suspicion that this was a woman (turns out, I was wrong); the dark figure looked bulky or muscular to me, without really getting a close gander at IT. This opinion was voiced by quite a few television journalists as well, I believe!

Okay, so what`s up with this huge kitchen knife, which most certainly was used as the murder weapon? Is it possible the killer purchased it at a nearby store in the mall? Naturally, this would identify the Rat (or Rat-ess), so this makes me feel it`s unlikely, it went down as such. Buying the knife at the mall reduces the likelihood that killing the teacher was planned ahead of time. 

The flip-side of that projection is, that if the Reem Island Ghost brought the dagger into the mall in the first place, then this means the murder was totally hatched before hand. I vote for the latter! And my take on the traditional Middle Eastern garb utilized, is that it functioned as a perfect disguise, blending in with others in a synchronized, chameleon-like fashion. 

There are other factors reinforcing it was carefully planned: 1. the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi issued a warning for teachers, about a month prior to the attack (USA Today); 2. the most intriguing clue (for me), is the unaccounted for, 90 minute interval (the time from when RIG enters the mall, to when he/she flees the premises)

Clipped-in with this mysterious time lapse, is the small portion of celluloid where the Cloaked One snatches up a newspaper, apparently used to cover-up the dagger in a bathroom stall, after the murder of Ibolya Ryan - the importance of the newspaper is there, but I can`t say exactly why I sense this is so.


Three (3.), at what point did the killer and Ryan first encounter one another? Was it earlier during this undisclosed 90 minute interlude, or rather, did it originate in the Women`s Restroom? I favor the former; if the killer was purposely stalking Ryan in the mall, then the time when she ducked into bathroom, would provide the perfect opportunity RIG was waiting for. Does this make sense?

Another sign, which just now occurred to me, is the stat of a low percentage of crime or violent crime in the United Arab Emirates discounts the disturbing incident; this pushes the cue in the direction of a well-oiled plan. Why would an ordinary citizen just suddenly get into a nasty row with an American teacher, in a random bathroom, which exists in an opulent niche of a shopping mall? 

I will suggest, the probability is microscopic! Who carries a gigantic kitchen knife on their person as they amble about in a shopping mall? Only a hired assassin would be capable of doing this, I`m prone to announce. Think about it, and see if you agree with me. The warning from the embassy is starting to look quite a bit more credible than originally suspected; has anyone postulated yet, maybe it was ISIS? Well, I suppose I just did that. *(Update: It was just solved-much of what I said turns out to be true after all!)