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Published:December 5th, 2014 13:20 EST
Rumain Brisbon Just Delivering Happy Meals to His Kids When Shot to Death by a Phoenix Police Officer!

Rumain Brisbon Just Delivering Happy Meals to His Kids When Shot to Death by a Phoenix Police Officer!

By John G. Kays

I nearly couldn`t believe it my eyes, upon encountering a story, that immediately caught my attention, on Yahoo News (the link took me to a piece posted on The Republic [], Phoenix police: Suspect unarmed when killed by officer, by Megan Cassidy). 

 The bottom line is: another unarmed, young black man, Rumain Brisbon, 34,  was shot to death by a police officer (this case takes place in Phoenix, Az, Tuesday evening), under somewhat murky circumstances.

Again, there isn`t a video available, documenting this very suspicious confrontation, so we`re left on our lonesome to cobble together what we think happened, from a handful of eyewitnesses, as well as the official version, provided by Phoenix PD, of course. 

Adding to this sizable task, these salient accounts are then filtered through the media, which then proceeds in watering down further (what we might learn), acting as a wedge or a pry, thus obfuscating even further the crucial, primary evidence.

I`m not too surprised by these gaps, which make it harder and harder to get at the truth, but I am baffled, however, by the close proximity of this Phoenix shooting to two most obvious incidents in Ferguson and Staton Island. What gets me is this Az one is just as equally controversial, shaky, or disturbing as the other two, if not more so, in my opinion.

Just a minute, I said to myself!  I better take as close a look at this as I can, before I get all bent out of shape, buying into the heated rhetoric that cops all across the nation are simply murdering young black, possibly because they are very afraid of them - irrationally so. Yet, as I read over PPD Sgt. Trent Crump`s official statement, I kept finding alternative chips of news in other places, that made me question what Sgt. Crump has told us. 

Okay, so a neighbor had reported (or perhaps it was two neighbors) that some men inside a black Cadillac SUV were dealing drugs; the white officer (30-years-old, on the force for 7 years), who ultimately ended up killing Rumain Brisbon, after running a license plate check, found out there was a noise complaint charged on the address of the Cadillac owner, which was later dropped. The officer`s suspicions had already been ruffled, so he went over to confront Rumain. *Had it been dropped by the time of the deadly confrontation?

What happened after this is unclear, unless you just accept verbatim what the police have told us (at this point, most of us are reluctant to just take their word). Other witnesses have told us, Rumain was simply delivering some McDonald`s Happy Meals to his kids, who lived in a nearby apartment. To back up this version of the sad event, apparently there were french fries scattered about the ground, close to the location of the car, and to the apartment where final moments of the ruckus came to a tragic boil over!

Another contentious fact given by Crump, is that supposedly Brisbon verbally challenged the investigating officer. A man in the Cadillac with Rumain, probably the closest and best eyewitness to this affair, which rapidly deteriorated in just a split second, told a television camera crew this never happened; Rumain never indulged in this purported verbal abuse of the officer. 

Okay, so he definitely high-tailed it out of there; this isn`t all that unusual to me. Yea, he did have a criminal record, but the best reason I can give for why I believe he began to run, is he probably feared the police and thought he might get shot, which is exactly what ended up happening to him *(lethally so, I might add). 

Rumain`s deepest fears were realized; a white police officer shot him dead. The officer could have wounded him, but then he would have lived to tell his side of the story, contradicting the cop. Instead the officer shot him in the gut twice, at point blank range. He shoots to kill, asking questions later! 

And since when does a small pill bottle feel like the handgrip of a pistol? Never! That Happy Meal never made it to Rumain`s children, but let`s hope a grand jury will indict the bad apple cop this time, or else All Hell`s Gonna Break loose!