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Published:December 7th, 2014 18:49 EST

Grinch Driving Range Rover Steals Holiday Wreaths Worth Hundreds!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In a crime a business owner says came straight out of Whoville, a woman was caught on camera at a Sherborn farm allegedly stealing several hundred dollars in holiday wreaths.



A post on the Sunshine Farm Facebook page provides surveillance video that shows a woman pulling up in a blue or gray Range Rover.


The woman then gets out of her vehicle and allegedly steals several hundred dollars in wreaths and roping while the business was closed."


CBS News


You can understand a person stealing canned goods to feed his family, but there`s no understanding or explaining somebody who drives a luxury SUV and steals Christmas decorations.


Police have identified a suspect, but she won`t be arrested, instead she will be summonsed at court. Why wasn`t this Grinch charged with grand theft larceny? Anyone who steals, especially during the holidays, should be severely punished.


I hope this woman didn`t avoid prosecution by returning the wreaths and making financial restitution to the owner of the business. She deserves to spend a few days in jail to contemplate the meaning of Christmas.


Christmas isn`t about having your house festooned with wreaths; it`s about spreading goodwill, and giving to those in need.


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