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Published:December 19th, 2014 11:25 EST

Russian Ruble now on sale as party confetti, 60 for 1 US dollar!

By Will Roberts

Witt Of Will & The Daily Scream -  Russian Ruble now on sale as party confetti, 60 for 1 US dollar! 

Russian Ruble sinks down so low that Apple says they won`t be selling the iPhone in Russia. But I heard they might create a scaled down version for Russia, TWO cups and a string, wireless upgrades available! 

Mr. Putin, I bet your wishing you had some of that 50 billion dollars you spent on the Olympics. That would buy an awful lot of iPhones and a FEW of those 40 dollar charger cords that break all the time. 

Henry Ford said once that he could give away the cars for free, as long as you came back to him for the parts that fall off while your driving. This philosophy would seem to be the core behind Apple`s sales strategy.  Along with the drug dealer philosophy of, I`m gonna take you on a trip and then you are going to do anything and everything to keep buying from me. 

For the longest time, I`ve been saying were hooked on iPhone-ics. Maybe this move from Apple will prove my point. Let`s see if this threat from Apple has a stronger effect on the Russian government than the sanctions the US government have placed on Putin. 

Oh and be careful Mr. Putin, your ruble is now right up there with the US Penny, near extinction. So tell us how we can help you Putin, a penny for your thoughts, as long as we get change back. 

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