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Published:December 19th, 2014 11:43 EST
Word of the Day: Groove

Word of the Day: Groove

By Keith Johnson

Word of the Day: Groove

The term "groove" is a noun that means "a long and narrow furrow or hollow such as is cut by a tool; a habitual course or fixed routine of one`s life".

Sample sentences using the word "groove":

1. After I cut the tree down, I could see the deep grooves of the trunk that told its life story, probably that of several decades.

2. Musicians usually lay down the basic groove of the song with the bass and drums. Then, the guitarist and vocalist create their parts, just as the first floor of a house is built after the foundation is established.

3. My daily groove is to spend my morning blogging and then in the afternoon go for a nice walk.

Best Regards,

Keith Johnson
Senior Technical Writer and Author
The Google Productivity Guide