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Published:December 22nd, 2014 16:21 EST

Woman Pimp Slaps Granny After Facebook Friend Request Denied

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Clearwater resident Rachel Anne Hayes apparently puts a lot of stock in social media connections.


Pinellas sheriff`s deputies claim that Hayes, age 27, repeatedly slapped her grandmother, age 72, multiple times in the face early Thursday morning for refusing to accept her friend request on Facebook.

According to Hayes` arrest affidavit, alcohol was a factor."


Most young adults would pay their grandmothers not to follow them on Facebook; they want to keep their online freaky behavior hidden from their parents and grandparents.

I have to give granny props; most senior citizens don`t know Facebook from their dentures or a hole in the ground.

Abuse of senior citizens isn`t a joking matter, I hope Hayes is sentenced to jail time and I pray all her Facebook friends will unfriend her.

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