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Published:December 24th, 2014 10:39 EST

Bill Cosby Finds No Support in Black Community! Cosby Most Hated Man in America!

By Robert Paul Reyes

When a black celebrity, athlete or politician has an indiscretion or even commits an outright criminal act, he can always count on the support of the African American community.


A jury finds Mike Tyson guilty of rape, but his support in the black community remains steadfast and unwavering, Marion Berry is captured on FBI surveillance video smoking crack with a hooker but he wins multiple elections after his arrest. If President Barack Obama revealed himself as the Antichrist his poll ratings in the general population would plummet, but his favorability ratings in the black community might drop by only a couple of points. For better or for worse, blacks remain loyal to prominent members of their community, regardless what crimes they commit.

But there`s no love for Bill Cosby in the black community, when the disgraced comic lectured the black media to be neutral (re: you brothers need to support me), they rightfully accused him of playing the race card.

Bill Cosby has made a cottage industry of criticizing the black underclass for being lazy, criminal-minded and sexually promiscuous. They are understandably asking Cosby: How can you tell us to pull our pants up, and not to engage in premarital sex, when you are pulling down your ratty sweatpants, and drugging and raping women?

Nobody likes a moralizing hypocrite, and Cosby finds himself alone, with nobody to defend him except for his Stepford wife, his daughters and a couple of dubious black celebrities.

Mainstream America hates Bill Cosby, and even blacks are at best indifferent at his predicament. Cosby is decrepit and despicable, and in my opinion beyond salvation or redemption. They say celebrities die in threes, the other day the beloved rocker Joe Cocker passed away at 70, would anyone shed a tear if Cosby, 77, is the next one to die?

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