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Published:December 29th, 2014 13:47 EST

Mexican Female Bullfighter Karla de los Angeles Gored

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mexican bullfighter Karla de los Angeles has been injured in a bullfight in Mexico City.

Ms de los Angeles was going in for the kill during Sunday`s event when the bull tossed her over its head.


The bullfighter continued the fight after being attended to, but during a second attempt to kill the 495kg-animal (1,090lb), it gored her again."


I was astonished to discover that there have been female bullfighters for centuries. This is quite simply an outrage and a sacrilege; females should only be allowed to enter the bullring to tend to the injuries of the male bullfighters.

Bullfighting is the epitome of machismo, and I`m glad this interloper was gored in her attempt to kill the magnificent beast. Male chauvinism must be allowed to survive somewhere, if only in the bullring.

To give the pretense of fairness if a matador is injured the bull should be allowed to kill him (or her).

Hopefully the prominence of female bullfighters will signal an end to this bloodthirsty "sport. " It will be an advance for the human race (males and females) if bullfighting is banished worldwide.

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