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Published:December 30th, 2014 13:17 EST
Four Bodies Found in a Pleasant Suburb of Crowley, Texas! Why Such Violent Deaths?

Four Bodies Found in a Pleasant Suburb of Crowley, Texas! Why Such Violent Deaths?

By John G. Kays

Sunday`s discovery (around 4:30 PM) of four bodies (no names given yet) in a nice-enough looking suburban community in Crowley, Texas (just south of Fort Worth), was very shocking to me, although I encounter these types of disturbing situations rather frequently! 

It`s hard to say what it is that makes this case stand out so much; I will say, however, when watching an interview with the decedents` next door neighbor (in the 200 block of Kennedy Drive), Gale Daughtry, established the fact that she was clueless why this happened, since no prior incident of trouble had ever been noticed. 

Adding to this mysteriously tragic set of circumstances, even the Crowley Police Chief, Luis Soler, when speaking at a press conference, seemed particularly shaken by these developments, implying a violent end for this family. 

As for myself, upon viewing footage of the house where the four bodies were found (two women, one man, and a girl), I couldn`t hardly believe how ordinary and generic the house appeared. It could`ve been any of us! This is probably the gist of why this case, emanating from Crowley, is so surprising, so disconcerting.

I may be aimlessly meandering into a social class thing here; I don`t mean to, but I can`t deny, this probably gets at the heart of this matter. To put it easy, where anyone can understand it, such bad things are not suppose to happen to ordinary, hard working Middle Class people, or especially to families meeting these specs! 

In any case, this is how I learned it (these fallacious cultural mores), growing up, as I did, in the 1960s. As such, we might suspect this unnamed family was holding something back from their neighbors, as far as whatever problems they were having (could have been domestic issues or money issues, but we just don`t know yet). 

And reliable news services haven`t mentioned any prior calls to the house by the Crowley Police, so this fact alone adds to the mystery. It`s fortunate a 9-year-old boy survives; but why is this so, since a young girl had to die? The boy, when calling a relative, said the man was committing suicide, which makes us suspect it was a murder/suicide scenario we`re looking at. I`m not so sure guns figure into the equation either.

That is, no mention`s been made of neighbors hearing any gunshots last Sunday (morning or afternoon), unless reporters missed somebody. We`ll have to see, as the story develops; still the police (Chief Soler, that is) did say there was obvious signs of trauma to the bodies. I`ll say no more, but I suspect some sort of blunt force trauma, such as could be inflicted by a baseball bat, transforming into a lethal weapon. 

I`ll leave it be, since this is only idle speculation. One hopes this tragedy didn`t have something to do with the Holidays, although this is the first thought that comes to mind; imposing this set-up in simulation, one immediately has in mind the material angle (or scam). Did the man have enough money to provide nice Christmas presents for his family? 

This projected scene then has a way of buying into the aforementioned class issue, of keeping up with The Jones, if you wish (or need) to enjoy the American Dream or, if you will, the Middle Class lifestyle, all of us so stringently aspire towards. Well, I`m getting way ahead of myself; one thought leads to another, and before you know it, I`ve solved this case, before even knowing the names of the victims! 

Yea, I`m that stupid! Still, once we find out who this happened to, how it happened, and the pivotal WHY, I betcha we still won`t believe it. Truth is always stranger than fiction - always!

*Update: The Star-Telegram`s with breaking news in this story; the misty contours slowly come into focus! It is a homicide and I was wrong, a gun was used.We`ll have to see about the suicide part?