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Published:December 31st, 2014 11:12 EST

Photo of Pooch on Rainy Tarmac Sparks Twitter Outrage Against United Airlines

By Robert Paul Reyes

"United Airlines continues to fight a public relations battle after a photo on Twitter shows a dog in a kennel on a rainy tarmac. 


The incident happened Sunday afternoon at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, when a woman noticed a dog had been left in a kennel on the rainy, chilly tarmac. While she sat in a plane nearby, she claimed airline employees weren`t keeping an eye on the dog, and after 30 minutes, she decided to alert the company using social media.

Just minutes after the tweet was sent to United, a Weather Underground station at the airport recorded a temperature of 41 degrees, a wind chill of 35 degrees, and rainy conditions."

The Weather Channel

We are so used to being treated like cattle by airliners, that we fail to pay attention to how abysmally pets are treated.

A dog is a living creature, not a piece of luggage, and he should never have been left out on the tarmac exposed to the elements on a miserable winter day.

United Airlines acknowledged the tweet, but they blamed the airline`s pet carrier service. The most senior United Airlines manager on site should have walked to the tarmac, and ordered the baggage handler to immediately place the poor dog inside the plane.

I`ll be doggoned if I`m going to book my next flight on United Airlines.

Pic of the poor dog on the tarmac:

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