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Published:January 12th, 2015 12:24 EST
Austin Music Teacher, Kathy Blair`s Homicide Solved, Although Many Questions Still Linger!

Austin Music Teacher, Kathy Blair`s Homicide Solved, Although Many Questions Still Linger!

By John G. Kays

While it looks as if the murder of a widely admired Austin music teacher, Kathy Blair, has been mostly solved, with the arrests of two small-time criminals, Shawn Gant-Benalcazar and Timothy Parlin, I`m still having trouble putting this very strange case together, in a way that makes much sense.

 I sense this is true for others as well, such as Kathy`s neighbors there in her Northwest Austin neighborhood, and specifically on Tamarack Trail, around where it intersects with Council Bluff. One opinion I can state with some certainly, however, since I initially got everything wrong (after December 6th), is that Austin homicide detectives did a superb job probing underneath these murky, malicious doings!

At the same time, stumbling upon the thermal imaging video tape of a resourceful neighbor, is nothing short of an investigative miracle (I think we can all agree on this)!  Let me just say further, not only is the crime strange, along with the way it was solved, but the ways the story was promulgated by the media, took its fair share of twists and turns, at times, veering off the road of solid reporting (I put in my own two cents worth of recklessness, so I apologize for that; I can take the heat).

As I said before, and I`m not trying to deflect my fair share of blame, but this is a very weird group of facts, when you attempt to string them together; I can`t manage it, so I`ll just come clean, admitting absolute ignorance. I`m not off the hook yet, so stop thinking that way! 

However, when Kathy Blair`s unimaginable homicide first was announced by local news services, the Austin American Statesman had mentioned in a small piece they posted, that a young man, seeming most distressed, was spotted by neighbors outside of Kathy`s rented house, with blood on his pants.

The AAS never bothered mentioning, this was Kathy`s son, who was the first one to discover she was dead, and (I hear), was the one who called 9-11. Yesterday, when I heard there was a lot of blood at the crime scene (we weren`t told this initially), I put two and two together, as a reason why the son (don`t know his name) got some blood on his pants. 

I can`t say exactly when APD eliminated the son as a potential suspect, but it`s probably a safe bet, they took a rather close gander at him, as the investigation begins to take shape. As such, while often the guilty one is within the immediate family, in this example, it absolutely turns out way more bizarre than that, reminding me of Truman Capote`s In Cold Blood (this connection happens a little too often, I must confess)!).

Anyhow, now that I`ve completely cornered myself, I`ll throw out a few items which are giving me a problem, bringing on a headache. One, I wonder why Kathy Blair had left both the front door and the back door unlocked, that night, December 6, 2014? Was this a habit of hers, so that students could let themselves in, when dropping by for a lesson? 

And why would she do this, knowing she had lots of jewelry about the house? And then, naturally, we wonder whether Timothy Parlin, who seems to be the mastermind behind this heist gone south, was aware of these unlocked doors, going all the way back to his botched landscaping job last May, when he was apparently installing a french drain. 

And what about the jewelry; isn`t it a safe bet Parlin knew about Blair`s vast jewelry collection? How`d he gain this information? Why did he come back 7 months later to steal it? Why didn`t Tim lift it in May? Well, an obvious reason for not doing this, is it would be transparent who the culprit was (don`t tell me I`m wrong on this call too!). And, you know, what everyone is waiting patiently to hear, how does Shawn come into the picture? The Shawn piece of this puzzle is probably the strangest part of all!

We`re on the same page, I`m sure, in this regard; a cat comes to Austin in early December, wearing a pair of Shoes for Crews, goes out for a casual nighttime cruise with a friend or an acquaintance, and then suddenly, somehow, someway, agrees to burglarize a house where an alienated old landscape client lives (well, a tenant of the client, actually). Unbelievable! 

When did Tim and Shawn first meet? Why did Shawn come to Austin in the first place? Did Tim call him and ask (tell, implore) him to come up? Most of all, had the two petty crooks previously done burglary jobs together? I`m very suspicious they had, but I better not say so, `cuz I keep getting this one wrong. Why would Tim cut him in anyway? 

Did he owe him one, or was he setting him up for a Big Fall? Did they have some sort of ongoing partnership? Tweedledum and Tweedledee - strangest thing I`ve ever seen in my life! Was Tim also using his sister, Eddie Parlin, who loaned him her green 1999 Toyota Camry during this time period (the period of the murder)? Well, as you know, the vehicle had Blair`s blood on it. 

One wonders why Tim never bothered to clean off this blood, before returning it to his generous sister. Another astonishing fact is, even the sister didn`t bother with removing these stains. Did she notice ever them? I can`t think of even one part of this I get; don`t bring up the thermal imaging, cuz that`s beyond my comprehension! Still, I question whether this went down exactly the way APD said it did; why did Shawn go in alone?