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Published:January 21st, 2015 14:09 EST

Can Clint Eastwood Survive 'American Sniper' Fake Baby Scandal?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The controversy over American Sniper is real, but a baby depicted in the box office hit is not.

Bradley Cooper`s Chris Kyle can be seen cradling the baby doll as co-star Sienna Miller looks on in a scene from the film.


If director Clint Eastwood and the Sniper team believed they could slip the faux baby past viewers, they were mistaken."

New York Daily News

The conversation around the water cooler isn`t whether Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, on which   "American Sniper" was based, was a patriot or a coward.

Instead everyone is asking " What`s up with that fake baby?"

In a film directed by Academy Award winning director Clint Eastwood, and starring Academy Award nominated actor Bradley Cooper, with a budget of 60 million you expect the best production values in Hollywood.

What you don`t expect is to see a co-star who doesn`t have a SAG card, because it`s a frigging plastic doll.

Bradley Cooper is a gifted thespian, but the way he handled the doll it`s obvious it wasn`t a real baby.

Clint Eastwood`s reputation as an auteur has been irrevocably damaged, there is no way he can survive this fake baby scandal.

Regardless of your opinion of Clint Eastwood or Chris Kyle, I urge everyone to boycott  "American Sniper", Warner Brothers has insulted our intelligence by releasing a movie co-starring a plastic doll!

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Warner Brothers is so embarrassed and humiliated by this scandal that they are on a mission from God to remove all videos on YouTube that contain the scene of Bradley interacting with the doll, hopefully the video I posted will still be online by the time you read this article.

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