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Published:January 21st, 2015 13:56 EST
Why Was a Papa John`s Pizza, Female Delivery Driver Toting a Pistol, When On the Job?

Why Was a Papa John`s Pizza, Female Delivery Driver Toting a Pistol, When On the Job?

By John G. Kays

A Papa John`s driver, when making a pizza delivery in Atlanta (Sunday, 1/11/2015), defends herself with a concealed handgun against a would-be robber, shooting the character in the face, thus preventing the robbery. The downside is, an accomplice took off with her (the female delivery driver`s name has been withheld so far) silver Honda, making a clean getaway. 

Well, there`s no news regarding whether they`ve caught the second suspect and retrieved her Honda; in any case, Papa John`s management is requiring her to work in the store, so she may not need her car just now (oh, how`s she getting to and from work?). The fact that Papa John`s didn`t fire her, although carrying a gun when on duty breaks their policy, is another piece of good news, we have to think! 

As for myself, my eyes froze solid on this story, for some unknown reason; well, part of it is probably, usually, it`s the driver who`s the victim, getting robbed or shot. This one is different that way (a Prince and the Pauper switch-a-roo); another reason, might be, I`m from Texas, and there`s lots of lobbying for Open Carry laws to pass, since Abbot just assumed leadership. 

Anyhow, what we have here is a pizza driver toting a pistol around, while on duty, and it`s a woman, no less! It sticks out like a sore thumb! I don`t recall any news story with exactly these same specs; yea, this is interesting enough to run it by a few times in your mind. This would make a good movie made for Netflix, don`t you think?

The streets are very dangerous these days here in Texas; I doubt it`s any safer in Atlanta, Georgia. Still, I`m wondering about the mindset of this brazen 27-year-old female pizza delivery driver; how long had she been toting this gun on the job? What kind of gun was it? Did she regularly put the firearm in her pocket before running up to the house with a (hopefully) hot pizza?

In this case, the robber, 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson, semi-met her at her car and made her get on the ground at gunpoint, since he intended on both jacking her car and robbing her. This scheme was actually thought out ahead of time, but clever Donquaz didn`t figure on this (she had a loaded pistol in her pocket already). I`m curious, and could use a little more detail, as far as how she so easily whipped out the gun when lying on the ground, during the traumatizing ordeal. 

One suspects her pants weren`t too tight; I use to shag pies myself (Dominoes) back in the 1980s, and you`d have to run up and down lots of steep apartment staircases, that shook too sometimes. A loaded gun could go off if your pants were too tight, or if you accidentally bumped the trigger too hard (perhaps, she had a safety on). This is why I was asking what kind of gun it is.


Then again, maybe when she was scaling stairs, she packed her heater in her Hotbag? Just askin`! What about the company`s reaction? If PJ`s had canned her, they`d never hear the end of it. The NRA`d a hounded (the Better Ingredients, Better Pizza) People `til the end of time! Yea, John Schnatter made a wise call here; now the energized, rocking Super Bowl business season will whip by trouble free; robbers masked as pizza-hungry patrons, will cower to the Death Wish vigilantes (just a metaphor, so take it easy, Fruitcakes!) of pistol-packing delivery drivers!